WATCH: Leftist students, encouraged by College Dems leader, destroy pro-life display in broad daylight

Pro-life students at the University of North Texas put out 1,000 displays to memorialize the unborn.

Students vandalized the display, with an officer in the College Democrats club encouraging the destruction.

A pro-life memorial created by the Young Conservatives of Texas was vandalized, and a leader of the College Democrats appears to have encouraged the destruction.

Conservative students planted 1,000 flags on the south lawn of the university to memorialize the victims of abortion and support the nomination of Amy Coney-Barrett to the Supreme Court.


However, Young Conservatives of Texas students captured video of students taking up the flags in broad daylight.


The deputy membership director of the University of North Texas College Democrats club encouraged this on social media.

“Capture the flag tomorrow is gonna be so fun,” she tweeted.


Other students also took to social media expressing support for destroying YCT’s memorial to the unborn.






Young Conservatives of Texas at UNT chairwoman Kelly Neidert told Campus Reform that “the purpose was to give a visual representation of lives lost by abortion in a meaningful way.”  Instead, “students came to pick up all the flags and they stole about 350 of them.”

She also reported hundreds of instances of alleged harassment and physical threats from her classmates.

“I’ve been harassed by a lot of students while physically on campus—before yesterday’s events, people have recognized me on campus and gone out of their way to say something snarky or flip me off,” she explained. “During the last three days or so, I’ve had a lot of them coming after me on Twitter. They’ve been harassing me with tweets as well as DMing me and telling me to kill myself.”

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The Young Conservatives of Texas at UNT released a statement explaining the event’s disruption.


UNT Police Officer R. Dixon told Neidert on October 1 that one individual caught on video taking flags received a citation, according to an email obtained by Campus Reform

The identity of the individual who received the citation was unclear but one video showed a man identifying himself while taking the flags.

Campus Reform reached out to the University of North Texas for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication. 

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