WATCH: How media punditry hurts students' education

Campus Reform sat down with Nicholas Giordano to talk about his experience hosting a conservative podcast and ways to counter liberal bias within the media.

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha spoke with Suffolk Community College professor and Campus Reform faculty contributor Nicholas Giordano about liberal bias within the media and the steps he has taken to counter it.

”There certainly is a direct relationship between the two,” Giordano explained. “Because if you look, every journalism student goes through the liberal indoctrination on college campuses, and then they take those ideas and bring them in the media.”

In addition to teaching, Giordano is also the host of the P.A.S Report Podcast. On his show, Giordano seeks to provide “in-depth” conversations on political analysis and strategies separate from the “activist media industrial complex.”

”The P.A.S Report mission focuses on providing an in-depth examination of complex political issues impacting everyday Americans. More importantly, [the] P.A.S Report strives to bring back an appreciation for the core American values of liberty and freedom,” the website explains.

According to Giordano, constant media indoctrination trains students to pursue activism within the workplace as opposed to objective journalism.

”When we look at the media landscape today, a lot has changed where it’s almost a revolving door between the government and journalists. Look at half the people that appear on televisions, and at one time or another they served in administrations,” Giordano said. 

This “revolving door” keeps alive a political narrative that is unable to be shaken. Giordano further explains this phenomenon, and how it is impacting the deliverance of news.

”It’s not journalism. They’re not coming up with their own independent thoughts, they’re not putting the facts out there, and they’re not analyzing the facts in order to give the American people the tools they need to come to a conclusion about particular issues,” Giordano stated.

Watch the full interview above to hear more about the role the media plays in today’s political landscape, and how Giordano is working to combat it.

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