WATCH: Notre Dame’s COVID-19 booster mandate

Campus Reform Correspondent Charlie Yockey appeared on the National Desk, discussing Notre Dame’s COVID-19 booster mandate.

Campus Reform Correspondent Charlie Yockey appeared on the National Desk, discussing the University of Notre Dame’s (Notre Dame) COVID-19 booster mandate.  

Students early last month received an email informing them of the policy, as Campus Reform previously reported

The “COVID-19 bivalent booster vaccine is required of all students - undergraduate, graduate, and professional, including students studying or performing research remotely and/or virtually - to enroll in classes for the 2023-24 academic year,” the email read. 

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Yockey, also a senior at Notre Dame, said that there is no justification for this new mandate.

“COVID is no longer disrupting normal societal function, it doesn’t pose a sufficient risk to the public to justify the vaccine imperative,” Yockey said. “Every time a new booster is developed it’s really disruptive.” 

Students who fail to obtain their booster will be prevented from enrolling in the next semester, however. 

Watch the full video above.