WATCH: NYU socialists hold strike, demand halt to tuition payments and donations

A socialist group at New York University is telling students to stop making tuition payments and future donations.

Student demands include the University severing ties with the NYPD.

Citing “glaring inequities,” students at New York University are refusing to pay tuition in the fall.

A press release from the New York University Young Democratic Socialists of America asks their peers to refrain from completing tuition payments for the fall semester and from giving the school donations upon graduation.

“We’re going on tuition strike to take back control of our university and its policies,” NYU YDSA member Joe Whitcomb explained in the press release. “We have no power beyond the fact that the tuition we pay the school allows it to continue operating the way it does. Thus, in order to protect our students from the police, shield them from a predatory financial burden, and reign in our school’s abuses both at home and abroad, we need to withhold that tuition until our demands for a freer and more just university are met.”

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As reported by Washington Square News — the university’s student newspaper — university spokesman John Beckman pointed out that New York University has halted tuition increases since 2016.

Nevertheless, the students’ overall demands fall into five categories: reducing tuition, working with unions to boost compensation, committing to equitable expansion of university property, cutting ties with the NYPD, and utilizing the endowment in an equitable manner.

On April 30, students marched through campus alongside Divest NYU, a group of students and faculty who call for the university to divest from fossil fuels. The students were reportedly joined virtually by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

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As of May 3, the Young Democratic Socialists reported that 10 percent of the student body had pledged their support.

Students continued to strike for the next two weeks.

On May 10, the university acquiesced to students’ demands regarding “a fund for international students.”

New York University and the Young Democratic Socialists of America have not yet responded to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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