WATCH: Poll shows most Americans no longer value faith or patriotism

Campus Reform Correspondents Matthew Cairo and Daniel Idfresne appeared on ‘Fox News’ after a poll revealed that fewer respondents subscribe to bedrock American values.

Campus Reform correspondents recently appeared on Fox News after a poll revealed that faith, hard work, and patriotism–values that Americans once prided themselves in–are no longer as important to respondents. 

Fox News shared one data point from the poll released on Mar. 27 by The Wall Street Journal and the University of Chicago: 38 percent of respondents think that patriotism is “[v]ery important,” compared to 70 percent in 1998. 

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“I’m not shocked that it’s only 38 percent,” Campus Reform Correspondent Matthew Cairo said. 

“I was raised to grow up and love my country,” he continued. “But my peers–I can’t say the same thing.”

Campus Reform Correspondent Daniel Idfresne told Fox News that this newfound attitude stems from universities as “professors have been telling students to not like their country.” 

Idfresne and Cairo both described campus cultures that restrict free speech, causing conservative students to self-censor and causing other students to devalue freedom. 

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“If somebody’s way more patriotic, they’re not going to stand up, and they’re not going to speak out in the classroom,” Idfresne said. 

He referenced the mental health crisis in Generation Z and told Fox News that college-aged students experience high rates of depression because they are less likely to find solace in faith, patriotism, and family.  

Watch the whole video here.