WATCH: Prof Giordano says K-12 climate change curriculum is 'about indoctrination and activism'

Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow Nicholas Giordano breaks down the effects of climate agenda-saturated K–12 education on American culture.

Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow Nicholas Giordano appeared on Fox Business recently to discuss states requiring K-12 systems to teach climate change activism across disciplines. 

“They say that climate change must be approached from a climate justice perspective,” Giordano said. “It shows that it’s about indoctrination and activism.”

Giordano teaches political science at Suffolk Community College in New York State. 

New Jersey adopted education standards that require climate change to saturate various, sometimes unrelated, disciplines, including visual and performing arts, physical education, and world languages. Other states adopting similar measures include Connecticut, California, and possibly New York.

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Giordano also expressed concern that K-12 focusing on climate activism across disciplines will make students unprepared for higher education. 

“When they get to my class, they’re going to be so focused in K–12 on climate change,” he said, “They’re really not going to have any understanding of American government... If you don’t understand the government and the powers of government, you’re willing to give unlimited power.”

“Why advocacy? Why not discuss the issues of climate change?” Giordano said. “It’s designed to get students to look at government as the solution.”