WATCH: PROF. GIORDANO: Students demanding A’s reflect ‘a growing trend’

Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow Nicholas Giordano appeared on Real America's Voice to discuss the students at The New School who demanded A’s.

Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow Nicholas Giordano appeared on Real America’s Voice to discuss a demand letter from students at The New School in New York. 

After a three-week strike by adjunct instructors ended, students demanded that New School give each student an “A” grade, refund their tuition for the strike period, and give them control of the president’s townhome. 

Real America’s Voice asked Giordano, “What in the name of higher education is going on there in New York?” 

“Demands like this–it simply reflects a growing trend of what we’ve been witnessing where they think if they complain loud enough, the system will capitulate,” Giordano said. 

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Giordano told Real America’s Voice that these kinds of demands give employers the impression that graduating students didn’t earn their grades. He said that “critical thinking skills are a problem,” and giving into students’ demands devalues the profession of higher education. 

According to Giordano, government-funded research grants also create a “problem” because “the grant process has been ideologically weaponized.” 

Giordano said that instructors who focus on research and “hardly teach classes” are “out of touch.” 

Watch the full video above.