WATCH: This professor is launching an anti-woke program for students

Campus Reform Senior Correspondent Logan Dubil spoke with Professor Allen Mendenhall, a Troy University professor who launched a program to combat wokeism in corporate America.

Campus Reform Senior Correspondent Logan Dubil spoke with Troy University Professor Allen Mendenhall regarding his new program that aims to fight ‘wokeism’ in corporate America.

The program was launched this semester.

“We’re trying to highlight corporate wokeness and go after corporate wokeness,” Mendenhall told Dubil.

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Mendenhall plans to assign readings, bring in outside speakers, and take part in field trips to explore how ‘wokeism’ is taking over the corporate world as part of the program.

Mendenhall revealed that 10 students have signed up for this semester’s program. He has high hopes that the program will grow over the next few years.

He is also hoping to raise more money so that “next year we can add students, we can do more things,  and really develop the program into something that can become a robust force for good.”

As of now, Mendenhall has not received backlash from students or peers, besides getting “some funny looks in the hallways.”

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“The administration has been supportive of this project, and I am really grateful for that,” Mendenhall said. However, he fears that the left will soon create obstacles for him and his program.

“If we keep growing and we keep getting bigger and stronger, well, the left is going to try to come after this with its own narratives, and I suspect we will see opposition eventually,” he said.

Watch the full interview above.

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