WATCH: Sen. Cruz explains Marxist origins of CRT in new LI training

Senator Ted Cruz's speech is part of a new Leadership Institute training that coaches people on how to run for school boards.

During his speech, Cruz analyzed the Marxist origins of CRT and the past statements of its proponents, including Ibram X. Kendi.

Speaking from the Leadership Institute, Texas Senator Ted Cruz delivered a scathing critique of Critical Race Theory to concerned Americans interested in running for school boards across the United States.

Cruz defines Critical Race Theory in the video as an offshoot of Marxism, explaining, “CRT is to Marxism what branches are to a tree trunk.” 

He also cites prominent Critical Race Theorists in their own words, including Ibram X. Kendi, who said, “To love capitalism is to end up loving racism...the conjoined twins are two sides of the same destructive body.” 

He also says the coronavirus pandemic opened parents’ eyes to what their children are being taught, and he praises parents who are standing up to stop Critical Race Theory in their own communities. 

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Cruz is adamant that comprehensive history education is important, particularly when it teaches about this country’s sins: 

The basis for Critical Race Theory, Cruz says, is the belief that the legal system is inherently oppressive. He says the beliefs perpetuated by Critical Race Theorists are “based on the lie that America is fundamentally and irredeemably racist.” 

Cruz also addresses how to identify Critical Race Theory, the ways in which it discriminates, and the harm that is done to children by teachers unions that insist on keeping Critical Race Theory in the classroom. 

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Leadership Institute’s new School Board Training, which launched on Monday, teaches participants how to run a winning campaign for a position on their local school board. The 20-hour training is available online and open to all, currently at no cost.

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