WATCH: Shocking footage reportedly shows medical professor endorsing gender reassignment surgery for kids

A video is making the rounds on Twitter in which Professor Johanna Olson-Kennedy allegedly promotes transgender surgery for children.

Olson-Kennedy claims that kids 'most of the time make good decisions' and insists if young girls regret cutting off their breasts, they can go get new ones.

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh posted a video on Twitter in May that is now resurfacing and going viral. The video appears to show University of Southern California medical professor Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy promoting the surgical removal of young girls’ breasts. 

In the video, Olson-Kennedy endorses the trans-affirming surgery for children because children “most of the time, make good decisions.” 

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As evidence of this assessment, she points out that young people take the SAT. Others have responded that taking the SAT is often a choice parents make on behalf of their kids and not something kids choose to do themselves.

”Actually, people make life-altering decisions in adolescence... And honestly, most of them are good,” she said, referring to breast-removal surgery in the secret recording. “Adolescents actually have the capacity to make a reasoned, logical decision.”

She went on to say that if kids regret the gender-affirming surgery, “you can go and get” another surgery to reverse it.

”Here’s the thing about chest surgery: If you want breasts at a later point in your life, you can go and get them.”

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Campus Reform has tracked instances of schools promoting and encouraging gender transitioning for children. 

In September 2021, Campus Reform reported that the University of Rochester lists organizations on its website that endorse transgender minors, adolescents, and young adults.

In July 2021, Campus Reform reported on an ASU professor who insisted parents lose veto power over their own child’s gender transition, even if the results cause physical harm.

Campus Reform contacted Olson-Kennedy and multiple medical experts for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.