WATCH: Student discusses university's free speech policy

Campus Reform reporter Kate Anderson discusses demand letter with Miami Ohio student Charlotte Waldron

Campus Reform reporter Kate Anderson discussed a demand letter sent to Miami University (MU) in Ohio with one of its students Charlotte Waldron. 

Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) sent the demand letter to the public university in early October, asking MU to change its policy regarding tabling and flyers on campus. 

Waldron explained that the policy as it stands “doesn’t make the distinction when students are allowed to use university property. Obviously, it’s a public campus and we should be allowed to use it, within reason, whenever we want.”

The university’s policy restricts flyers due to content that it disapproves of, according to Waldron. 

“Flyers are only supposed to be approved for size and where they are going to be displayed, not for the content,” Waldron explained. 

Despite the policy, Waldron stated that free speech is “fairly well protected on campus” and expressed her hope that MU’s policy was just a “one-off mistake.”

“It is so important that universities be the place where we can learn and discuss ideas without fear of censorship and that goes for any student or group on campus,” she pointed out.

Waldron said she is “trying to make this a non-partisan issue on campus.”

“That’s so important for every group on campus and every student to stand up and say no these policies violate our First Amendment rights and we want to make sure that everyone has equal opportunity to speak up,” Waldron concluded. 

Watch the full interview above. 

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