WATCH: Student government rejects nominee for appearing on Fox News

Peter Cordi breaks down an incident at the University of Texas at Austin where a conservative undergraduate was denied a student government position based on his political beliefs.

On this week’s episode of Campus Countdown, Campus Reform reporter Peter Cordi breaks down an incident at the University of Texas at Austin where a student was denied a student government position after appearing on Fox News to discuss his school’s controversial fight song.

Campus Reform correspondent Sterling Mosley was labeled a “right-wing news source” by a Student Government representative.

Additionally, Campus Reform’s editorial assistant Avery Selby joins Campus Countdown to discuss shocking revelations suggesting that the University of Pennsylvania may be profiting off of COVID-19 vaccine sales.

”If the university profits off of vaccine mandates, this incentivizes them to make public health decisions, not based on science and data, but based on this financial conflict of interest,” she says.

Cordi also discusses the University of Florida naming a library study room after Karl Marx, the ideological founder of Communism, following a trend of universities glorifying socialist leaders and revolutionaries.

A plaque outside the room describes Marx as a “philosopher, radical economist, and revolutionary critic.”

This week’s Woke Tweet of the Week features a mob of far-left students shouting down a speaker at a Young Conservatives of Texas event and chanting, “F*ck you fascist” repeatedly.

Jeffrey Younger, a candidate for Texas House District 63, came to speak at the event “Criminalizing Child Transitions” during which the demonstrators responded by climbing on top of tables, banging things, screaming, spitting on Younger, and in one case allegedly punching him in the ribs.

This is a clear example of the left once again refusing to have an honest conversation about hot-button issues, and instead opting to choose violence instead of reason, because devoid of good arguments, their only option is to shut down opinions that threaten their political agenda,” Cordi says.

Editor’s Note: Campus Reform reported after the recording of this video that the University of Florida took Karl Marx’s name off of the study room. 

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