WATCH: Student takes action against university tabling policy

Campus Reform Assistant Editor Alexa Schwerha spoke with Elliott Fox about a policy limiting the number of times a student organization can table indoors.

Campus Reform Assistant Editor Alexa Schwerha spoke with Iowa State University (ISU) student Elliott Fox about concerns he rose about the university’s commitment to free speech.

Last month, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) sent a legal demand letter challenging an ISU policy which limits the number of times student organizations can table indoors. 

Fox told Campus Reform the policy alarmed him because it could force student to, instead, recruit outside “when it’s freezing” and could limit club outreach.

”When you have policies like this in place and you have people that are set out to squander our speech, it’s the active conservative groups that are getting hurt,” he said, “because they’re the ones that are out on campus and not the liberal groups.”

Fox said he is aiming to increase awareness about the policy among the student body, and is preparing to go to the Board of Regents and the university president to challenge the rule.

He explained that this issue is important because free speech is a guaranteed right across the nation, “not only on our college campuses.”

”We’ve gotten to far away from that and we want to squander speech anymore, especially on the left of the aisle,” he said. “Even if you don’t like free speech you have to get along with it because it is granted to us.”

Watch the full interview above.

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