WATCH: Do students fear another 9/11 event?

Campus Reform Digital Media Editor Rachel Kennedy spoke to students at George Washington University and asked them if they feared another 9/11 attack.

Campus Reform Digital Media Editor Rachel Kennedy spoke to students at George Washington University ahead of the 21st anniversary of 9/11, and the 1-year mark of President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal. 

The consensus among students was that removing troops from Afghanistan was the correct move, however, the mode in which the withdrawal occurred was faulty and deficient in planning.

“The decision to withdraw was the correct one,” one student responded. “What I find...dispute with is the implementation of it.”

Another student confirmed the withdrawal was discussed in class and stated “we had no business there anymore.” This viewpoint was shared among “professors and a lot of students.”

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One student said that a mistake made in the withdrawal was “ceding control of [the area around the Kabul airport] to the Taliban.” 

Kennedy then brought up the loss of “13 service members,” to which the student said, “yes, that as well.”

Another student mentioned “not having a sound evacuation strategy” as the biggest debacle in Biden’s move to remove the troops.

Kennedy also asked if the United States is “seen as weaker in the eyes of other world leaders” because of the withdrawal.

One student answered, “I think a little bit.”

“I do think it definitely contributed to a weakening presence, definitely big rivals like Russia and China…aren’t as afraid of us as they used to,” another said.

When asked if they were afraid of another 9/11-type terrorist attack, students were mixed. 

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One student confidently said, “no…the infrastructure that allowed 9/11 to take place has since been remedied.”

Another student “[felt] pretty confident there will be another terrorist attack…”

Kennedy’s final question asked students if they trusted Joe Biden to keep them safe.

While one student responded “yes, I do,” others were not so certain.

One student remarked, “Not that much, I do trust our soldiers and their ability to protect us, but I don’t know whether the leadership knows exactly what to do or where to put them.”

One student questioned, “If [Biden] is willing to sacrifice the safety of Afghan citizens for political approval at home, would he be willing to sacrifice my safety for political approval….so that seed of doubt has been planted.”

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