WATCH: Students do not want to cancel Valentine's Day

Campus Reform Recruiter Shaila Mehta took to the streets of George Mason University, asking students if Valentine's Day should be canceled.

Campus Reform Recruiter Shaila Mehta took to the streets of George Mason University (GMU), asking students if Valentine’s Day should be canceled. 

Canceling Valentine’s Day is “ridiculous,” one student said enthusiastically. 

Others expressed disdain for the trend to cancel holidays. 

“I don’t really feel like any holiday should be canceled and it should be up to you if you want to celebrate it or not,” one male student expressed. 

Most students agreed, citing that Valentine’s Day is about love. 

“I think it is just about love and it shouldn’t be any more than that… I just think it is a fun day.”

Another student said, “You don’t have to participate in a holiday if you don’t really want to.”

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