WATCH: Students reject new woke way to spell 'women'

'I'm not paying all of this money for you to worry about how we spell things.'

Campus Reform reporter Shaila Mehta took to the streets of George Mason University to ask students what they thought of an emerging movement to change the spelling of the word “women.”

As Campus Reform recently reported, The University of Texas at Austin, the University’s Office of Financial and Administrative Services website recommended students change the spelling from “Women” to “Wimmin.”

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The university glossary explained that the word was often employed by feminists and could be used to “avoid the word ending in ‘-men,’”

Mehta interviewed many students at George Mason University to get their reactions to the concept. Most were confused as to why changing the spelling would be necessary, with many saying they would see such an effort at their own school as a waste of university resources.

”I’m not paying all of this money for [my school] to worry about how we spell things,” noted one student.

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