WATCH: Students sign fake petition to CANCEL MEMORIAL DAY over ‘American imperialism’

With Memorial Day approaching, and Anti-American sentiment growing on campuses throughout the country, Campus Reform’s Video Reporter Addison Smith went to Georgetown University to see if students would sign a fake petition to “unrecognize Memorial Day as a federal holiday”, because it “celebrates American Imperialism.” 

The petition garnered 50 signatures, as an abundance of students signed on with enthusiasm. One man condemned Memorial Day as a celebration of American Imperialism before even having seen the petition.

“I don’t think Memorial Day should be a thing that we celebrate… I feel like it’s a celebration of U.S. imperialism and colonialism,” he said. 

He confessed that he didn’t begin to hate America, “until he got to college.”

‘I didn’t really think in this way until I got to college, and like, I took women’s and gender studies classes, and that put me on this path where I’m like, “Yea, like, f-ck the U.S.’” 

When Smith asked him if he would support a total abolition of the United States military, he quickly responded, “yes please”. 

Watch the full video above.

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