WATCH: Students only want conservative messaging banned

Campus Reform Senior Correspondent Logan Dubil visited the University of Pittsburgh to talk to students about banning political messaging from the classroom.

Students agreed that conservative flags should be banned; however, liberal-leaning flags are acceptable.

A Wisconsin school board recently voted to ban all political messaging from the classroom.

Campus Reform Senior Correspondent Logan Dubil visited the University of Pittsburgh to see if students would support a similar ban on college campuses. 

At first, the majority of students had mixed opinions on whether or not political messaging, more specifically political flags, should be allowed in the classroom.

“In the classroom it’s hard because you don’t want to influence other students,” one student said. 

Another student, however, argued that “as long as [professors] aren’t enforcing their beliefs on anyone else” displaying political flags is acceptable.

Dubil then showed students different flags with political messaging and asked if they would be in favor of banning them from classrooms.

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A “Let’s Go Brandon” flag, a Thin Blue Line flag, a Gadsden flag, an American flag, a Pride Flag, and a Black Lives Matter flag were included. 

Overall, students appeared to support banning the flags that tend to align with conservative values, while finding no issues with flags more traditionally associated with liberal ideology.

“For me that basically signifies like ‘immigrants go home’ to me and I don’t really appreciate that messaging,” one student said about the “Let’s Go Brandon” flag.

In regards to the Black Lives Matter flag, another student said, “It’s positive, like there’s nothing bad about it.” 

Watch the full video above.

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