WATCH: Students only want leftist flags in the classroom

Senior Campus Reform Correspondent Logan Dubil joined Correspondent Director and Hot Take host Kate Hirzel to discuss his recent video asking students about banning political flags in the classroom.

Senior Campus Reform Correspondent Logan Dubil joined Campus Reform Correspondent Director and Hot Take host Kate Hirzel to discuss his recent video asking students about banning political flags in the classroom.

“I went to the University of Pittsburgh with a couple flags from each side of the political aisle,” Dubil said. “I wanted to see which flags students at the college level wanted to ban in the classroom.”

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Dubil is a senior at Point Park State University studying marketing and sales. He films many videos for Campus Reform asking students about their opinions on trending issues.

“Those that had conservative values attached to them were the first to go. Students said that flags like the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ and the thin blue line flag should be banned because they were offensive and aren’t inclusive, however, the liberal-leaning flags such as the pride flag and BLM flag should be allowed,” Dubil said.

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“I really think this has to do with the word inclusive and what it has become,” he explained. “To liberal students and liberal institutions, inclusivity only involves things they agree with.”

Dubil explained some students even wanted to ban the American flag in the classroom because it could be considered offensive.

Watch the full interview here.