WATCH: UNT employee dresses down cancer clinic, screams at police officers

This employee posted multiple videos of herself on TikTok screaming at police officers. In one video she calls the Chief of Police a “terrorist.”

A UNT employee publicly posted a picture of a police officer in an oncology clinic along with a recording of a phone conversation asking the clinic why he wasn't wearing a mask.

A University of North Texas employee frequently posts videos of herself screaming at police officers at Black Lives Matter rallies, demanding their names and badge numbers. In one instance, she called a cancer clinic to demand information about a picture that had been sent to her showing a police officer not wearing a mask while sitting in the waiting room.

After obtaining a picture of a police officer waiting in the clinic without his face covered, University of North Texas employee Jessica Luther Rummel posted audio on YouTube of her calling the clinic to inquire about the situation. Rummel can be heard telling the clinic that she received a picture of the officer not wearing a mask and asks if it was not enforcing COVID-19 rules. 

In the video, Rummel posts the name and picture of the clinic employee, as well as the picture of the officer in the waiting room.

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The clinic employee states that there are patients who must remove their mask to drink contrast fluid before procedures, and then put their masks back on afterward. The staff at that specific clinic verified that the officer did have his mask off, but only briefly. The employee also tells Luther Rummel that taking pictures of patients at a cancer clinic violates their privacy rights.

The employee tells Rummel not to use any photos of patients in their office without the patient’s permission, to which Rummel responds, “I can’t make that promise.” Rummel continues, saying she wants to know whether staff felt like they couldn’t ask the officer to put a mask on because they were intimidated or if they tried but the officer wouldn’t comply. 

The employee tells Rummel multiple times throughout the phone call that they enforce their mask rule in their clinic for everybody, and it would have been applied to the officer as well.  Luther Rummel specifically admits that she wants to make this public because it involves an officer. 

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About a month later,  Rummel recorded herself walking into a crowd at a “Back the Blue” rally featuring salon owner and Senate candidate Shelley Luther. As the candidate is taking pictures with supporters, Rummel walks up, screaming, “Ms. Luther which rights are you willing to go to jail for?” Rummel then shouts at people attending the event, saying, “You need to get the f*ck away from me, six foot social distancing b*tch!” 

Rummel continues shouting at Luther, “So you’re all talk and no action just like the rest of your Republican GOP death cult buddies, right?” 


Rummel then shouts at other attendees saying, “Stay the f*ck away from me!” and “F*ck you!” An attendee from the rally walked up behind her asking, “Hey, you remember me?” to which Rummel responded by screaming more obscenities, telling him not to touch her. 

“Don’t f*cking touch me! Do not f*cking me do you understand mother*cker? Do not f*cking touch me!” Police are then seen standing in between her and the crowd while she is screaming, “F*ck you! Nobody’s scared of you! You’re not the f*cking law here!” 

She then turns to officers while she continues screaming, “I’m a citizen here!” 

Rummel then shouts at an attendee who walked over to talk to her, which caused police to walk over and get between the two of them. She then accuses the officers of cornering her into a tree when they stood in between Rummel and the attendee. “I pay your paychecks dude!” 

In a video of another event, Rummel records herself screaming at a police officer for looking at her and trying to intimidate people. “You need to quit eyeballing me!”....“When you look at me like that, when you look me down like that, that is intimidation! ... What is your badge number?” 

The officer points to the name printed on his uniform, which Rummel states she can’t see while she’s behind the caution tape. 

“That doesn’t mean you don’t have to tell me!” “Tell me your name and your badge number!”

In another video Luther Rummel uploaded on her TikTok account she calls the Chief of Police a ”terrorist.” “This is for you, Chief terrorist Kevin Phillips. We will continue to march in Gainesville.” She goes on to say that she and her counterparts will “bring people in” to the community to “make sure people feel safe” to protest and march, adding “we’ll march through the White neighborhoods too.” 

In a separate video, she can be seen screaming at the chief, asking him why he doesn’t have his “cloak and hood on.” She then continues to scream stating that the officers have a problem separating their emotions from their job.

Rummel teaches classes and is employed by the university to earn credits to obtain her Ph.D., the university would not provide a job title to Campus Reform, but did confirm that Rummel is employed there. 

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Campus Reform reached out to Rummel for comment. 

Rummel replied by saying that “as a committed anti-racist activist,” “when I see law enforcement putting the lives of POC and their allies at risk or attempting to infringe on First Amendment rights, I have boldly challenged them and will continue to do so with pride and conviction.” 

Campus Reform spoke to Phillips, who noted that “The Gainesville Police Department, along with other law enforcement agencies, has maintained a presence at local protest events since July 1, 2020.  Our goal has been to provide a safe environment for those who choose to exercise their constitutional rights.”

“While there has been dissension between some of the groups due to the differing viewpoints, there has not been any physical violence so we feel that our efforts have been successful.  Our officers have demonstrated the utmost professionalism even under adverse conditions during these events and they continue to provide law enforcement services as needed to maintain safety in our community,” Phillips said. 

“While there have been a few outspoken critics of our efforts, the vast majority of our community has been appreciative of our endeavors.  We recognize that we are fortunate to serve a community that has shown an outpouring of support for law enforcement during these challenging times.”

The cancer clinic did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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