WATCH: 'Very sad to see'– Newman Society leader on the secularization of Catholic universities

A prominent Catholic education advocate joined Campus Reform for an interview on liberal bias in higher education earlier this month.

'The reality is that most of the country's 200 Catholic colleges have secularized to varying degrees,' she stated.

Kelly Salomon, Vice President of Newman Guide Programs at The Cardinal Newman Society, recently sat down with Campus Reform Student Reporter William Biagini to discuss the state of America’s religious institutions of higher education, and what she says is a troubling trend of secularization within schools that profess to adhere to certain religions.

Biagini referenced an example from April in which the University of Notre Dame hosted an “abortion doula” on campus to speak positively about abortion and transgenderism, both of which run counter to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

”It’s very sad to see the secularization that you’re talking about that we’ve seen for 30 years, sadly on many Catholic college campuses,” said Salomon. “The reality is that most of the country’s 200 Catholic colleges have secularized to varying degrees.”

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Salomon also said she believes “some Catholic colleges are trying to keep up with their secular counterparts instead of embracing their true Catholic identity and really what makes them so valuable to Catholic families today.”

Biagini then asked Salomon why parents should consider sending their students to Catholic universities as opposed to secular institutions. 

She responded by pointing out the direction that American society is taking. “I think as our culture goes one way families are realizing more and more the great value in a Catholic education.” 

Citing both an example at Trinity College where a dean claimed that Jesus Christ was transgender and an example at Grove City College in which hundreds of people signed a petition calling for leadership change after woke education was perpetuated on campus, Biagini asked if Salomon thinks secularism will succeed in overturning religious education. 

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”Well I have great hope in Jesus Christ and the future of the Church that He has a great plan and a great ending for all of this,” Salomon answered. 

However, she added that Catholic families are still responsible. “But it is reliant on Catholic families to step up and to not send their children to these places that are sending these mixed messages or even completely opposing messages to our faith.” 

Watch the full interview on YouTube. 

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