WATCH: 'Why should I condemn anything?' – Students for Justice in Palestine president refuses to condemn Hamas

'Hamas does not have a milit[ary]–We don't have–I'm not–I'm not here to support Hamas...'

Campus Reform Correspondent Austin Browne recently spoke with Tala Alsharif, President of Students for Justice in Palestine at Youngstown State University in Ohio, who repeatedly declined to condemn Hamas.

When asked to condemn Hamas, Alsharif repeatedly instead condemned “violence” from Israel against Palestinians.

At one point, Alsharif pushed back on the question, suggesting it implied that Israel and Hamas were on “equal footing,” saying “Hamas does not have a milit[ary]– We don’t have– I’m not– I’m not here to support Hamas, okay?”

“I’m just saying that I don’t think we should put them on equal footing. I think that Israel is the one that has a military, Israel, gets funding from the US government. $3 billion each year. So I think we need to kind of understand that there’s a power imbalance going on,” said Alsharif.

Browne pointed out that Hamas is indeed a militant group with military force, “So to say that they’re not a military group, I don’t know is completely fair.”

“That’s not what I said,” Alsharif responded. “I’m just--I don’t understand what’s--- why should I condemn anything?”

Watch the full video above.