WATCH: Young Americans willing to give up First Amendment rights to avoid offending others

Campus Reform recently spoke to students and young Americans about the role universities play in monitoring speech on social media.

Students not only said they would be willing to turn over their social media accounts for inspection, but that they would support sacrificing their free speech rights to make others feel more “comfortable."

As the cancel culture trend continues to hit college campuses, Campus Reform has reported on a number of cases where colleges and universities have sanctioned professors, and in one case even expelled a student, for posts he made on social media.

Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret recently asked students and young Americans about their thoughts on schools monitoring the social media of students and faculty. He also asked whether they would be willing to sacrifice some of their free speech rights to make sure others on campus feel comfortable.

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Most students and young Americans said they were fine with colleges and universities monitoring social media accounts. Some even said they would willingly turn their accounts over for inspection.

“I definitely think they should be monitoring the hate speech because that shouldn’t be allowed,” one individual said.

She also added she would encourage a school to inspect her social media accounts “if it has to do with helping the school in...creating a sense of more safety and security and erasing the hate speech.”

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“If that’s something I can be helpful for, I’d be happy to.”

“I have nothing to hide,” another student said.

Many were quick to say they would trade their free speech rights for the comfort of others on campus.

“I would do that, cause I mean if I’m just giving up a little of what I care about just to make others feel better, I’d do that,” another person said. “I’d make that exchange.”

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