The Weekly Roundup (10/26/15 – 10/30/15)

Monday, 26 October

99.51% of liberal arts professors' contributions go to Democrats. We were shocked, shocked, to discover that progressive professors give to progressive candidates!

Feminists ask Big Brother to make schools monitor social media. And when they find those anonymous Yik-Yakkers ... oh, you just wait 'til their fathers get home.

Fresno State faces resistance over renaming free speech zone. But if there's no free speech zone, how will the students know where to speak freely?

Tuesday, 27 October

Poll finds 95% of college students consider free speech 'important'. By that, of course, most of them mean they consider it important to limit free speech.

Ithaca College prof: agriculture is a 'capitalist, racialized patriarchy'. He says, comfortably ensconced in the anti-capitalist, racialized patriarchy of academia.

Liberal Catholic profs attack conservative columnist Ross Douthat. You know, we haven't had a Schism in a while...

Counter-petition defends Ole Miss student senator against claims of racism. Nope, it wasn't even racist; we checked. It did make some cogent points about the innocuousness of nylon, though.

Wednesday, 28 October

'Whiteness' course returns to Arizona State. New Campus Reform contest: can you think of a more boring topic? (We can say that because although it stereotypes white people, we feel comfortable that white people won't care).

UMD teaches students 'how to fu*k in college'. No, seriously. There was advice on cleaning up pubic hair left on the stove (Mr. Clean is recommended, by the way), how to do a walk of shame while 'giving no fu*ks (except for the one from the night before, obviously), and absolutely no discernible effort to introduce syntactic variety.

SUNY student gov wants system to divest from fossil fuels. And lo, the seas receded, and the gods were placated, for a handful of middle class college students had declared their contempt for the working poor.

UC Berkeley study links income inequality to climate change. If they mean that global warming hysteria is leading to policies that hurt the poor, then we're right with 'em, man.

'Kissing sounds' and 'leering' deemed sexual harassment at UW-Milwaukee. Shakespeare will have to take his cats elsewhere, it seems.

Rubio revives free-market student loan reform plan. And he was too preoccupied defending his absence from the Senate at the last debate to even mention the issue that might have driven traffic to this post. Thanks a lot, liberal media.

Thursday, 29 October

Mizzou students required to watch gay sex video. Okay, so that's a simplification. But not by much.

If you don't wear blackface ... yoouuuuu might be Hitler. This flowchart is a serious downer. Say yes one time and they reprimand you. Say no, and they just come up with another way to accuse you of insensitivity.

Student loses points for suggesting trade school to a minority. In fairness to her, the instructor does maintain that she would have considered it offensive to suggest trade school to anyone, regardless of their race.

CU-Boulder students protest GOP debate. They were sort of active for a few hours before the debate, but they must have gotten stoned and just wandered off by the time the debate actually commenced.

Jewish students defuse USC diversity resolution. It takes a powerful degree of either hypocrisy or idiocy to ask for $100 million in minority scholarships after refusing to “use our funds for a Jew to speak,” as the USC student Senate can attest.

Friday, 30 October

Ithaca College president gets ‘no confidence’ vote. Because if there’s a hotbed of racism, it’s that Confederate bastion of Ithaca, New York.

You’re not going to believe what college courses are being taught these days. Would you believe us if we told you that there was a course about “taking Marx seriously?” How about a course offering “critical reflection on the refusal of work?” Ha! Of course you would, you read Campus Reform!

See y’all next week!