The Weekly Roundup (11/2/15-11/6/15)

Monday, 2 November

‘Project Vulva’ event criticized, but not for the reason you might think. Apparently, mentioning female sex organs is offensive to transgender women (of course, so is calling them transgender women).

REPORT: 5 of 6 donations from employees of top universities go to Dems. The ratio would have been higher, liberals must be telling themselves in consolation, if not for those meddling Hillsdale professors.

Lawrence Lessig leaves race despite support from academia. The country is undoubtedly better off for his withdrawal. Remember what happened last time we elected an Ivy League professor to the presidency?

Student hunger strikes for resignation of Mizzou president. Why would he expect that to work? President Wolfe won’t be the one getting hungry…

Tuesday, 3 November

College admins shred Constitution for offending 'student'. Alright, so it was an undercover journalist. That doesn’t change the fact that these people literally get paid to humor these kinds of complaints from real students.

Faculty members petition against unionization amid concerns about bureaucracy. The other 96 percent can’t, for the life of them, figure out what could possibly be wrong with bureaucracy.

Wednesday, 4 November

UWM offers students free ‘voice feminization therapy’. It’s unclear who students will model their voice on, but it’s probably not Harvey Fierstein.

Student gov at Reagan’s alma mater discriminates against conservative groups. You know you have no chance of senate approval when the committee labels your intent to hand out literature as “propaganda.”

Thursday, 5 November

Second video shows Yale, Cornell, Syracuse admins join in Constitution shredding shenanigans. Perhaps the most shocking part, though, is that they actually believe the reporter’s tale of being so upset by seeing the Constitution that she had to hide in her room for days.

‘Crusaders’ nickname dropped over tolerance concerns. The leading candidate in the survey for its replacement? A squirrel. Which, it has been pointed out, is fitting since the school is obviously full of nuts.

Conservative professor found guilty of retaliation after discrimination charge fizzles. One would admire the school’s tenacity if its motives weren’t so deplorable.

Friday, 6 November

Former prof. says Williams College has long history of hostility toward conservatism. Wow, based on this account, it sounds like banning speakers with contradictory opinions is actually pretty tame for this grotto of groupthink.