The Weekly Roundup (11/30/15-12/4/15)

Monday 30 November

UNLV president refuses to drop ‘Rebels’ nickname despite sensitivity concerns

We must commend him for resisting the urge to stand atop a tall building with a megaphone yelling, “IT’S NOT A CONFEDERATE, MORONS!”

Spike Lee predicts student sex strikes to protest sexual assault

So, the best way to prevent rape is by withholding consensual sex? Perhaps old Spike will reevaluate once he realizes that he’s put himself in league with Pat Robertson.

Dozens of Yale faculty afraid endorsing free speech would generate controversy

Can one credibly claim to support the First Amendment while refusing to speak in defense of speech?


Tuesday 1 December

UMD Fat Studies course labels dieting ‘special enemy’ of diversity

Well, once you dismiss the possibility that fatness is a medical problem, there really isn’t anywhere else to go rhetorically except to conclude that dieting is just a way of demeaning fat people.

Oklahoma Wesleyan president tells students: ‘This is not a day care’

Donning black crepe-paper armbands, the students dejectedly disposed of their coloring books and comfort blankies, wondering why their parents and high school teachers had lied to them.

Schools say White Student Union pages are hoaxes by non-students

“Surely,” the administrators must have thought to themselves, “no student at my school could be that witty.”

Student relates personal rape experience to highlight importance of campus carry

That should give progressives something to chew on, other than kale. Perhaps they will conclude that the op-ed constitutes a microaggression against potential rapists.


Wednesday 2 December

Rice rejects campus carry

Having sought feedback from every group that was convenient for him to consult, the president felt no need to solicit the opinions of either alumni or the student body.

Kennesaw State misses deadline for responding to diversity demands

Well, technically they did respond, but “response” was always a euphemism for “concession” anyway.

Black student found to be source of fake threats against black students

Amazingly (or maybe not), some faculty actually came to her defense, saying the fact that she felt compelled to perpetrate the hoax is just further proof of (what else?) structural racism.

Cal Poly students submit laundry list of diversity demands

The 41-point ultimatum seemingly drew inspiration from just about every other related movement in the country—a veritable smorgasbord of zany, left-wing proposals.


Thursday 3 December

USC student gov abandons call for school to accept Syrian refugees

Don’t get too excited—the only reason most senators voted against it is that they couldn’t envision a way to support it without generating a political backlash.

Rutgers doubles cultural center budget, enhances bias reporting system

If cultural centers are such a great way to enhance inclusivity and diversity, shouldn’t the school be expecting fewer bias incidents?

OSU responds to reported threats by criticizing conservative victim

The deans evidently had no trouble determining that a student’s expression of a conservative opinion in a newspaper published almost 300 miles away was by far the greater danger for them to address than threats made against that student by a classmate.

Jewish student senator faces ethics probe for questioning anti-Israel display

Apparently, questioning the appropriateness of holding the demonstration on the same day that a local student was murdered by Palestinian terrorists is unbecoming conduct of a student senator, but participating said demonstration is perfectly fine.

Brandeis caves to diversity demands after 12-day sit-in

Confidential sources inform us that the final straw came when employees were unable to retrieve their paychecks from the file cabinet one student had appropriated for use as a cot.

Brown students demand end to diversity dialogue while occupying president’s office

And the irony doesn’t end there. They also proclaimed the importance of collecting feedback from students of color while in the next breath complaining that students of color have been turned into unpaid diversity consultants.

St. Mary’s becomes latest private school to opt out of TX campus carry law

Guns are already banned under current policy and nothing bad has happened before, the president noted unconvincingly.

Universities issue guidelines for politically correct Christmas decorations

Cornell made clear that snowflakes would not be problematic, which seems especially appropriate given the ongoing emphasis on self-esteem.


Friday 4 December

VIDEO: UC Irvine prof tells class NRA to blame for San Bernardino shooting

Stay with us here: Evidently, the urge to go on a mass killing spree is universal among humans, so the mere availability of firearms makes such tragedies inevitable. But fret not, for he also reveals that it is impossible to kill someone without a gun, making the solution obvious.

U. of Kentucky shrouds historical mural to spare students the ‘pain’ of viewing it

The school claims it is because the mural depicts slaves in a tobacco field and a Native American with a tomahawk, but we suspect the real reason is that the mural is just plain ugly.