The Weekly Roundup (1/18/16-1/22/16)

Monday, January 18

Professors speak out against ‘progressive values’ and ‘liberal agenda’ at Brandeis Law

How far in the progressive tank does a school have to be before even professors start taking notice? At Brandeis, that point came somewhere between the time that administrators admonished students for not applauding transgenderism enthusiastically enough, and the time a professor was disciplined for encouraging students to make up their own minds about political issues.

Ithaca College president succumbs after semester of protests calling for his resignation

Now that the students have gotten what they wanted, though, upon whom will they place the blame when the school is not instantly transformed into a paradise of tolerance and inclusivity?

Portland Community College to devote an entire month to ‘whiteness’-shaming

They promise it’s not about race, though, since they’ll be discussing the ways in which white culture is evil, not white people.


Tuesday, January 19

Lying liars at Excelsior College lie about making bias-free language an official policy

If a school is going to police every faculty utterance for signs of political incorrectness, it should at least have the guts to withstand the inevitable PR fallout.

University of California system is a hotbed for anti-Semitism

Swastikas graffitied on walls, cars vandalized with anti-Semitic slogans, blaming Jews for 9/11 … yep, that’s about the maturity level we’ve come to expect from UC students.

UCSB grad students demand formal investigation of white student group

Complaining about discrimination against white students, they say, is by definition an act of “white supremacy.” It isn’t, really, but the group that has them in such an apoplectic state is, by definition, engaging in an act of parody.

Lawmaker brings hot-button campus carry debate to Arizona

This has turned out to be a great strategy for catching university administrators attempting to circumvent the law of the land. It’s practically entrapment, so fervent is their desire to prevent guns from entering campus legally.

Missouri Gov. washes hands of Mizzou ‘muscle’ prof after legislators demand firing

Ironically, he actually expressed concerns about “First Amendment” issues while chastising legislators for urging Mizzou to fire a professor who is herself, by her continued employment at the school, a “First Amendment issue.”


Wednesday, January 20

Even a former Harvard President is fed up with political correctness on college campuses

Yet more evidence that progressive student activists made a severe miscalculation when they started demanding the removal of their staunchest allies in academia, the academics.

Prof, students at U of Denver complain about email expressing sympathy for Paris terror victims

One wonders whether they even realize that all they will accomplish by turning a simple condolence message into a “microaggression” is to undermine what little legitimacy the concept ever had.

Association of American Universities rebukes colleagues for endorsing Israel boycotts

And the AAU has money to dole out for research grants, too, which might be the one thing academics love more than trendy political causes.

MLK III refutes OU prez who claimed MLK would ‘applaud’ BLM movement

Since the man himself isn’t around to resolve the dispute, we’re inclined to take the word of his son over that of a man who plays nursemaid to 20-year-olds.

Nebraska legislator introduces bill to protect student journalists

Wait, so the government wouldn’t be allowed to censor speech, even when the speaker says something that someone, somewhere might not wish to hear? Liberals aren’t going to like that...

FBI investigating Kent State professor for alleged ties to ISIS

It’s a good thing they’re on top of this, because if they thought the National Guard was bad, ISIS would be a real shock.

UNC Wilmington prof urges school to relax speech restrictions before it’s too late

“But then, how will we punish students who say mean things about us?” one can almost hear the administrators saying to themselves.

Georgia considers allowing students to carry ‘electro-shock weapons’ on campus

This could really take the wind out of the sails of campus carry opponents. No matter how drunk or depressed they may be, college students would have an awfully difficult time offing anybody with a stun gun.


Thursday, January 21

Oberlin President calls 14-page social justice ultimatum ‘deeply troubling’

He really nailed it, there. Seriously, one of the demands was actually for fried chicken.

Kent State prof tied up in ‘heavy caseload’ of ISIS investigations

He maintains his innocence, though, declaring that he is not actually an ISIS supporter, merely someone with no taste who hates America and thinks murdering civilians for political purposes is the bee’s knees.

Duke students decry ‘climate of fear’ created by political correctness on campus

And this at one of the two universities where administrators actually refused to shred a copy of the Constitution upon request. Imagine what it must be like at a place like Vassar or Oberlin for a conservative student. Oh wait, first you have to imagine a conservative student at Vassar or Oberlin.

OSU English Department ponders ‘moral obligation’ to celebrate BLM

Sure, what doesn’t a racially inflammatory protest movement have to do with the study of the English language?


Friday, January 22

Kentucky Gov. wants to eliminate two Trustees and replace them with minorities

Wasn’t it just yesterday that they were telling us to minimize the importance we place on race? What happened to that?

LSU prof fired for off-color comments while KSU prof keeps job despite alleged ISIS ties

If openly praising and rooting for ISIS is protected by the First Amendment, then how, exactly, is making an indecent joke not?