The Weekly Roundup (12/14/15-12/18/15)

Monday, December 14

VIDEO: The 12 bans of Christmas

Perhaps banning everything even remotely associated with Christmas was just the universities’ petulant response to Donald Trump’s Muslim ban.

Pro-life signs deemed offensive ‘bias incident’ at Mizzou

Pro-choicers don’t like hearing abortion statistics quoted under any circumstances, but they get especially riled when the data are used to paint such a clear picture of their hypocrisy.

Kansas students say campus carry endangers minorities, LGBT individuals

Without a hint of irony, many students said they feel safer with no-guns signs on the doors to classrooms, and that they would like to display such signs in their own yards and doorways—which, as a deterrent to home invaders, is rivalled only by as a sign saying, “lock broken: come on in.”

Ohio State clears up ‘confusion’ by removing inclusive holiday guidelines from website

Will somebody tell them that the problem was never that people thought the guidelines were actual policy, but that the school felt it necessary to issue guidelines on this matter in the first place?

Arkansas law prof alleges retaliation as school tries to conceal race-based admissions data

For progressives, statistical evidence showing the results of their policies must be suppressed at all costs, lest anybody find out what the results of their policies are.


Tuesday, December 15

Professors angrily ‘repudiate the questioning’ of Scalia, Roberts in affirmative action case

How can a question be wrong, you ask? Why, by challenging liberals to justify their assumptions, of course.

University of Wisconsin Regents reject safe spaces, endorse ‘Chicago Statement’

“Chicago” is normally a dirty word in Wisconsin, but with students across the country demanding that constitutional rights be forfeited in response to offenses both real and imagined, even the University of Wisconsin—where red is more than just the school color—realizes things have gone too far.

Prof blames existence of racism on ‘invention of white race’, admits his own racism

We’re guessing that if he had made the same argument while substituting any other color for “white,” the outrage would have been somewhat more pronounced.


Wednesday, December 16

Harvard distributes social justice placemat to help students enlighten families over holidays

As if college students needed any help pissing off their parents during Christmas break…

Iowa president under fire for saying unprepare profs ‘should be shot’

He professed surprise, saying he had never gotten such a reaction to the joke when he told it in corporate boardrooms. We could have warned him not to expect a sense of humor in academia.


Thursday, December 17

Boston College students sing parody Christmas songs to protest lack of diversity initiatives

All we can say is: Weird Al, they ain’t.

Harvard apologizes for ‘confusion’ caused by ‘ineffectively presented’ social justice placemats

We didn’t find them confusing at all, and, frankly, we suspect that the real source of the school’s regret is not that the propaganda was presented poorly, but that it was presented too well.

Campus Reform reporting inspires bill to eliminate ‘safe spaces’

We can’t take all the credit. After all, Rep. Manweller is taking care of the minor details like writing the bill, recruiting co-sponsors, and introducing it.

Congressional Dems say college students too drunk, crazy to be trusted with guns

At first, it almost sounds like they have a point. And then you read the letter.


Friday, December 18

Yale prof says attacks on Constitution are dangerous, but not as dangerous as war against ISIS

We’ve mentioned already that there’s no sense of humor in academia, but this is really too much. How could anybody opine on this issue without at least observing the irony that the students were exercising their First Amendment rights in order to protest the First Amendment?

CT school freaks out because someone might have been mean to a Muslim

The student isn’t exactly sure whether the people she passed by were even referring to her as a “killer,” but she need not fret, for the Central Connecticut State Office of Diversity and Equity is on the case, and will not rest until it finds the person who might possibly have uttered a potentially offensive comment, maybe.