The Weekly Roundup (1/30/16-2/5/16)

Saturday, 30 January

UConn decides "separate but equal" ain't that bad

The school says it is looking to offer self-segregation to other demographics, as well, so we expect to hear them announce special housing for conservative students any day now.

Monday, 1 February

Brown faculty to vote on renaming 'Columbus Day' for the third time

Feel like guessing how they voted? See below for the exciting conclusion to yet another episode of “Academic Limbo (How far backward can they bend?)”

"Uncomfortable" prof. has student, who is also a police officer, ejected from class for carrying a gun

The school says it was just a “misunderstanding,” which might have been more plausible had the officer not been wearing his uniform at the time.

Boston College isn't going to put up with your shenanigans anymore, protesters

So bursting into a private meeting and demanding money didn’t get the students what they wanted? How rude!

UC system devotes $5M to scholarships for illegals, but legal immigrants aren’t eligible

Right, because the solution to California’s myriad catastrophes is … (drum roll) … more illegal immigrants!

OU prof says Millennial enthusiasm for Sanders proof of ‘failure to educate’

Maybe so, but there clearly hasn’t been any failure to indoctrinate.

WVU gung-ho for gender-neutral bathrooms while doing bare minimum for handicap accessibility

It’s not terribly surprising, really. Gender-neutrality is the chic cause du jour, while accommodating the handicapped is sooo 1990’s.

Tuesday, 2 February

NAS offers much-needed explanation of free expression rights in response to campus protests

It seems “diversity” isn’t worth much when unconventional ideas are silenced. Go figure.

Prof. tells UVA students that listing gender on official doc’s is ‘nonsensical’

But if we reject binary sexuality altogether, how do we know which one of us should pick up the check at the end of the dinner date?

Mizzou to host Symposium on ‘marginalized minority groups’

Is that their way of saying, “not Asians”?

Iowa State ‘Social Justice Summit’ teaches ‘redistribution of resources’

Sigh...Who are we supposed to make the check out to this time?

Wednesday, 3 February

Progressive students want to boycott Ben & Jerry’s for selling ice cream in Israel

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

Black law prof. tells students ‘Harvard Law School is not the enemy’

Is he available for outside engagements? We know some students at Dartmouth that could stand to hear a similar message.

AU students are ‘f***ing sick’ of conservatives on their campus

Conservatives feel the same way about most AU students, but we don’t go around trying to prevent them from "feelin’ the Bern" or watching re-runs of The Daily Show.

Gonzaga fears conservative speaker would undermine its ‘social justice mission’

Students say they were told the school has concerns that Dinesh D’Souza is “anti-immigrant,” which sounds pretty silly when one considers that D’Souza is, himself, an immigrant.

Civil rights group challenges UConn over ‘self-segregation’ program

Time for another guessing game: How do you think the school responded? See below for the not-so-shocking answer!

Public university claims that its property isn’t public, so First Amendment doesn’t apply

They’re wrong on both counts, but, as usual, it appears it will take a lawsuit to convince them of that fact. Stay tuned…

Thursday, 4 February

Mizzou puttin’ on the Ritz while it fights budget cuts

They already had enough on their plate trying to convince lawmakers to kowtow to the most radical elements on campus, and now they have to explain why budget cuts would be so devastating if they have enough money to put employees up at the Ritz-Carlton.

‘Fall Weekend’ not PC enough for Brown faculty, so they rename Columbus Day yet again

They themselves admit that “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” is a symbolic gesture, which is only likely to fuel additional demands for meaningless “celebrations” of various cultures. Welcome to the euphemism treadmill, on which you'll never be able to keep pace!

Grown-ups at USF stymie students efforts to boycott bulldozers

You know, after hearing about the students who are upset about selling Israelis ice cream, this almost sounds passé.

Immigration group bails out protesters who occupied GSU president’s office

Does getting arrested really count as much of a consequence if there's a group ready to throw thousands of dollars away freeing you? 

Student protesters interrupt Mizzou board meeting to support Melissa Click

Fortunately for them, one doesn’t need to understand the First Amendment to receive its protections.

REPORT: Students clueless about American government, history

Is that why so many of them are progressives?

Friday, 5 February

SURVEY: 91 percent of Americans optimistic about freedom and opportunity

The figure would have been even higher, too, if not for all those Millennials who have yet to live through an economy that hasn’t been ruined by Obamanomics.

Students demand that ‘terrifying’ Yik Yak app be banned as ‘first step’ toward culture change

What’s the second step? Editing potentially un-nice terms out of the dictionary so that people can’t even think them?

UConn completely blows off civil rights group’s complaints about segregation

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, as they say.

UW students need a LOT more mental health professionals

A few extra English professors might not hurt, either.

Purdue employee calls students ‘vile, racist idiots’ for posting pro-life flyers

If it’s racist to oppose the destruction of black babies in the womb, is there anything that isn’t racist anymore?