The Weekly Roundup: cops can't catch a break

Sunday 9 October

‘Blue lives don’t matter,’ pro-BLM UC Irvine protesters say

How could they say that about those poor Smurfs?

Monday 10 October

Barnard event calls yoga ‘cultural appropriation’

It talks about the “cost” of cultural appropriation. You know, like the steep cost societies have incurred by appropriating electricity, cars, computers, etc.

Tuesday 11 October

Sheriff Clarke too 'politically polarizing' for UNH, speech cancelled

Black lives matter, but the University of New Haven would prefer to only have blacks speak if their political views line up with its own.

SIUE holds pro-BLM conference exploring white privilege

Okay, but what kind of privilege entails having such a horrid sense of fashion?

CSU students call police over 'racist' ghost decoration

Racism...even around Halloween! When will the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy give these poor students a break?

UA students 'fear for their safety' over Milo supporters

And yet it never seems to be the Milo supporters causing disruptions and heckling their opponents.

Perhaps the students are afraid the Milo supporters will be able to defend themselves.

UW washes hands of racist, anti-police hoodies

I dunno, UWM. Last time we checked, “exercising” free speech as a “private activity” did not entail wearing apparel emblazoned with “If I Encounter Another Cop With A God Complex I’m Going To Have To Show The World That They Are Human.”

GWU offers counseling for students 'retraumatized' by Trump video


NSCC: Even Army Reserve needs permits for 'free speech zone'

Free speech permits...because just like driving, we need to make sure you won’t kill anyone.

Wednesday 12 October

Liberal students call YAF 'Imperialist Whites,' vandalize flyers

One wonders whether “imperialist” or “whites” was intended to be the primary insult there.

Feminists issue citations for 'whistling,' 'kissing noises'

We’re going to have to ask a female staffer to comment on this one...we don’t want to get cited for mansplaining.

Penn students call Trump an 'advocate of rape culture'

How else could the rallies possibly be so YUGE?

Safe space opponents not 'idiots,' just 'wrong,' NU prez concedes

Join us next week when he admits that they “may have a point.”

Hillary supporters destroy ‘fascist,’ ‘racist' free speech wall at CSU

The ones supporting free speech are the fascists, apparently, but not the ones tearing down the free speech wall.

BLM protesters block traffic, attack cars at IU-Bloomington

Good for them. Cars are well-documented agents of white supremacy. Just look at them lining up to oppress!

UMD SGA wants students to pony up for Title IX office

Sure, the one thing the federal government doesn’t want to pay for...

Thursday 13 October

Hackers target UTK for hassling student over name-guess

Well, if there was one group of people who were going to leap to someone’s defense because he name-dropped a porn star...

Pepperdine students call Columbus statue 'celebration of genocide'

They misspelled “exploration.”

BLM protesters disrupt Ohio University homecoming game

Flag! Unamerican-like conduct on the field.

VIDEO: Millennials 'disenfranchised' by Trump/Clinton duopoly

Who knew that candidates could deprive you of the right to vote?

Student blasts gay dating app over alleged racism

Is he sure it’s the app that’s racist? Not, say, the people using it?

Gays now have too much privilege and must be expelled from the social justice tribe.

Far left organizations at Clemson scheme to disrupt Milo event

As long as they keep it civil, they’re perfectly within their rights. But boy are we excited to see what Milo has in store for them now that he knows what they’re planning to do.

Mizzou considers quizzing profs on social justice bona fides

And thus vanishes yet another distinction between the university campus and church camp. The only one remaining has to do with spiritual versus political ideology.

Friday 14 October

CSULA leftists replace YAF flyers with pro-abortion literature

Y’know, there was once a time when people would have been ashamed to openly advocate for the wholesale slaughter of infants simply because they might be inconvenient...

Yale apologizes for 'dehumanizing' cartoons of Dartmouth mascot

Who knew history in context could be so injurious?

Safe spaces a 'recipe for fanaticism,' Hoff Sommers claims

Recipe? Or are they really more of an appetizer while the main course cools in the kitchen?

Trump appeals to millennials, vows to defend free speech on campus

As well he might. It’s his speech that keeps being censored.

Bask in Daddy’s corona of constitutionality.

Liberty students less divided over Trump than MSM claims

Cherry-picking is easy, but showing people a bunch of cherries isn’t going to help them understand what a cherry tree looks like.

HRC condemns Hopkins study as ‘attack on LGBT communities’

Apparently the critics didn’t have any substantive objections to the findings, other than the fact that they conflicted with their deeply-held liberal dogmas.

Campus police won’t enforce immigration law, CSUSM tells illegals

And neither will the Border Patrol, if history is any guide...

Saturday 15 October

Marquette Dems celebrate defacement of pro-life memorial

What a poignant illustration that conservatives stand not only on the side of life, but also on the side of free speech and civility.

Sunday 16 October

VIDEO: Hillary supporters struggle to name a single accomplishment

What about all of her successful obfuscations? That’s gotta count for something, right?