The Weekly Roundup: giving 'prepper' a new meaning!

Tuesday 3 January

Thousands of profs ask TPUSA to expose their liberal bias

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

UW program explores dangers of masculinity

CAUTION: Testosterone ahead.

UW student paper defends ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course

Alright, so “defends” might be a bit strong. But “offers flippant, unconvincing justifications for” is a bit wordy.

Pro-life group fights for release of UW fetal tissue records

What is there to hide?

AU reverses position, removes statue of cop killer

Oh, well; it was ugly anyway.

Wednesday 4 January

SIU student gov’s demand sanctuary for families of illegals

Imagine parents’ weekend, but all year long.

On second thought, don’t; it’s far too shudder-inducing.

FIU student body prez circulates anti-Trump 'holiday message'

The president-elect is frightful/ but liberals are so delightful/ and since we’ve two weeks to go/ just say no, just say no, just say no.

Trump is Hitler, says Wayne State VP

The Liberal Creed: Everyone I disagree with is Hitler.

Judge forces Georgia to give illegals in-state tuition

In country, in state, right?

BLM flag on display for two weeks at Northwestern

But it’s okay for liberals to be offended by the American flag...

Cuomo and Sanders team up to announce free-college proposal

Does increasing taxes to pay for something really mean it is free?

Georgetown academic depts. cosponsor anti-Trump event

Who cares about that tax exempt status, anyway?

Thursday 5 January

Students appeal suspension, defend 'bigot list' as 'activism'

The mean girls want their burn book back.

Law profs claim Sessions too 'racially insensitive' for AG

Of course he is; he’s the man who helped desegregate his state’s schools and insisted on the death penalty for the head of the Alabama KKK.

In liberals’ minds, he’ll never be able to overcome the original sin of his white privilege.

Berkeley students want to fight fascism by banning speech

It would probably work better if we just fought hypocrisy by banning Berkeley students.

But then, we would never do that, because that would fascist.

Students, alumni demand marching bands ditch inauguration

But then how will all the attendees know when to do the wave?

Socialist students plan national Inauguration Day walkout

Good. Let them walk out...of the country.

PCC board chairman resigns to protest 'sanctuary' designation

We admire his conviction, but we’re sure going to miss his vote when Portland Community College comes up with its next wacky progressive idea.

Friday 6 January

The 10 craziest things that offended college students in 2016

2017 can’t be any worse… right?

Ha! Just kidding. We’re licking our chops at what absurdities progressive students will commit after inauguration.

Research finds implicit bias training is ineffective

It’s almost as though there wasn’t a problem to fix!

Law prof rejects retribution against Oregon blackface prof

The fact that he felt compelled to make the case against punishing a colleague for wearing a costume at a private party in her own home really says it all...

Children return parents’ degrees to protest Talladega inauguration plans

That’ll show ‘em.

GW Dems plot their ‘resistance’ to Trump administration

And given how easy it will be for them to become visible outside the White House windows, Trump will probably take notice. Keep an eye on Twitter.