The Weekly Roundup: Giving voice to silenced speech

Monday, April 4

Prof. claims chanting ‘all lives matter’ is ‘covert white racism’

It’s like he takes non-sarcastically.

Would he rather that they chant “not all lives matter?”

Pitzer student govt. exec calls Trump slogan a ‘hate crime’ in online screed

If not for the fact that there was nothing hateful about the message, and that writing it wasn’t a crime, she might have had a point.

All they wrote was “Make America.” How does she know it wasn’t the work of organized labor?

Protesters at ETSU berate Newt Gingrich while accusing him of incivility

It seems that publicly accusing a person of being “racist, sexist, [and] anti-gay” is the height of civility.

Perhaps even more entertaining than the protesters’ hypocrisy was Newt’s observation that they were outnumbered at least 5-to-1 by students wearing “Gingrich 2016” t-shirts.

PSU protesters shut down Trustees meeting to demand $15 and oppose tuition hike

They’re feelin’ the Bern, alright, but for whatever reason they refuse to take their heads out of the oven.

We’re almost surprised that they wanted to prevent a tuition hike, rather than supporting it as a way to get the billionaires to pay for their wage hike.

‘Whiteness History Month’ at PCC begins by labeling ‘color-blindness’ inherently racist

So to get this straight: if you take note of someone’s skin color, you’re a racist. If you don’t take note of someone’s skin’re a racist, anyway.

Tuesday, April 5

Duke students refuse to end four-day sit-in until all demands are met

That’s fine; Duke is refusing to meet their demands until they end the sit-in. Touché.

It remains to be seen whether their demands are met or they get sick of vending machine food.

Conservative prof. refuses to give coerced apology for blog post, defies Marquette to fire him

Forget contractual obligations and academic freedom! Feelings are at stake!

Memphis president: campus carry would ‘disrupt our academic mission’

Is the school’s academic mission to impose gun control? Because otherwise that seems like a bit of a stretch.

Wednesday, April 6

UPenn administrators chastise students for shutting down CIA Director’s speech

What is it with liberals confusing their prepositions? Freedom of speech no more means freedom from speech than freedom of religion means freedom from religion.

UVA forms committee to address mural depicting ‘problematic’ ‘party culture’

Good idea. We wouldn’t want students to get the idea that they could party at a notorious party school.

To be fair, one panel does appear to show a student stealing away from a booty call with a professor, but hey, the University of Hawaii only just decided to ban such liaisons.

Race activists confront free speech advocates at Harvard Law

You’ll never guess which side was compared to Donald Trump.

Stanford senator doesn’t think it’s anti-Semitic to claim Jews control media, banking, and govt.

Oh, really? Perhaps he should try substituting any other demographic group into that sentence and see how it sounds.

UW students complain that ‘Race & Equity’ office isn’t committed to racial equity

Not that they have any constructive ideas, they just know that “something needs to happen … right away.”

SURVEY: Most students support both free speech and speech restrictions

We hereby propose a moratorium on surveying college students’ attitudes towards free speech until they learn what free speech is.

Student senator asked to resign by her own party for supporting Donald Trump

If they don’t want to be associated with her, they can expel her from their slate, but it’s sheer arrogance for a political party to think it can impeach an elected official for heterodoxy.

Duke president offers response, but protesters refuse to end occupation

On the other hand, they did compromise a bit on their demand for a $15 minimum wage, so now they’re forsaking food, showers, and common sense for a mere 53 cent raise.

At this point, the school’s best bet is probably to ignore them. Once hippies have spent a full week camping out inside a building, you’re not likely to want it back.

Thursday, April 7

Penn State protesters throw temper tantrum after failing to stop Shapiro speech

If we didn’t have video footage of the college-age protesters, we could only have assumed that a gang of rambunctious kindergarteners was responsible for throwing papers on the ground and drawing Hitler moustaches on pictures of Shapiro.

Arizona college imposes annual fee to fund illegal immigrant scholarships

They included an opt-out provision for students, but may be surprised when a number of donors decide to “opt out” as well.

University of Michigan gets $500,000 federal grant to research microaggressions

It’s a psychology study, so this probably isn’t even the most useless thing the grant could have funded.

Students condemn D’Souza for his ‘hateful rhetoric’

“We do support conservatives speaking on our campus, just not a guy like Dinesh,” they claim, though doubtlessly the next conservative to speak will get the same treatment.

Ohio State VP orders students to vacate sit-in or face arrest

Ironically, they thought they could “occupy” the building without consequence even as they demanded divestment from Israel for its “occupation” of Palestinian lands.

Friday, April 8

Commie protesters shut down Students for Trump meeting at Portland State

Who’s intolerant?

Fed up with intransigent occupiers, Duke president ends negotiations

It seems their little drum circle didn’t give them as much leverage as they had expected.

Yiannapoulos plans to troll Yalies by wearing Native American garb during speech

The speech isn’t until October, so they can’t accuse him of failing to provide a trigger warning.