The Weekly Roundup: What kind of fascists support free speech?

Monday 30 January

‘Love Your Body’ event promotes ways to destroy your body

Then again, binge-watching Parks and Recreation while eating “comfort food” for 72 hours straight will likely result in one having much more body to love.

Prof to conservative students: ‘we need you more than ever’

Ah, what a feeling, to be loved.

WVU ‘left alliance’ member attacks conservative student

The tolerant left strikes again.

College admins blast Trump EO as ‘bad idea,’ offer counseling

Trump blasts college admins as ‘bad idea,’ offers counseling

Harvard law prof joins suit challenging Trump’s legitimacy

A challenge to legitimacy by the legitimacy-challenged. This oughta be good.

Student employee threatens to shred College Republican folder

This should get rid of ‘em.

Tuesday 31 January

PA colleges: ‘reverse racism doesn’t actually exist’

How do you know? It could just be invisible and in need of unpacking, like that knapsack of white privilege.

UA faculty urged to ‘repurpose’ class for anti-Trump event

Not much of a repurposing, was it?

Prof: Brady’s ‘MAGA’ hat ‘more threatening’ than Anthem protests

You’d think they’re talking about a different type of “capping.”

BOOK REVIEW: GOP must appeal to millennials, urban voters

Aww, does it have to?

Cal poly profs pressure prez to abandon free speech commitment

It seems that when others speak up, it becomes more difficult for the professors to hear themselves.

USC responds to election with ‘100 days to inspire respect’

Could they have come up with a more milquetoast name?

Students plan wave of protests against ‘demonic’ Trump EO

Demonizing the opposition is ever so effective in winning support.

Wednesday 1 February

Conservatives help AU keep ‘implicit bias’ course unbiased

See? It’s not that difficult.

UC student body prez arrested while protesting DeVos nomination

He did learn at least one valuable lesson: GSA security does not mess around. They’re like the TSA, but with guns.

‘Fuck Trump’ chant not ‘harsh’ enough, OU students say

One supposes the imagery could be made more graphic, but wouldn’t that mess with the rhythm of the chants?

WI legislator blasts UW-L chancellor for anti-Trump email

‘Bout time someone took notice of these administrators using their positions for political lobbying.

Sex Week workshop will prep students for one-night stands

Leaving aside the question of why a college student would need instructions for packing an overnight bag…

Wait, no! Why does a college student need instructions for packing an overnight bag?

Anti-Trump protest morphs into ‘anti-Israel’ rally at UCI

They don’t even know anymore...

UNF to teach ‘ethical non-monogamy’ as ‘alternative to cheating’

Yeah, good luck with that.

OU students disregard safety orders; 68+ arrested

Well, was it worth it?

Thursday 2 February

Berkeley riots lay bare liberal hypocrisy on free speech

Who are the real fascists?

NLRB memo: football players at private schools are employees

So if they try a work slowdown, does that mean their offense slows down or that halftime gets expanded?

Berkeley rioters get away with it; only one arrest made

Gee, we would have expected “fascists” to crack more skulls.

GW debate sways audience against giving Trump a chance

Something tells us they didn’t have a heck of a lot of persuading to do.

Berkeley rioters are the answer to Click’s call for ‘muscle’

It seems all those accusations of “violence” were just projections.

Berkeley riot shows conservatives aren’t welcome on campus

Too bad, cuz they ain’t going anywhere.

Friday 3 February

Prof urges students to wear hijabs to protest Trump EO

To symbolize just how oppressed they feel?

Heritage promotes bill to protect free speech on campus

Didn’t we already pass legislation guaranteeing freedom from government restrictions on expressive activity? We seem to recall there being some big debate toward the end of the 18th century...

Schools offer ‘safe place’ to feel ‘dehumanized’

Nope, it’s not a circus side-show.

Berkeley CR member assaulted after riots


Miami Dade SGA urges students to lobby against ACA repeal

Of course, the first thing district office staff are going to check is whether the students voted, and once they discern the answer they’ll feel quite safe filing those letters right next to the spent coffee filters.

Saturday 4 February

Anonymous group plans to dox Berkeley CRs, threaten careers

Their plan is to expose students as “bigots” for supporting free speech. Interesting that they don’t seem to have enough confidence in their own position to take credit for it.

Maybe they’re worried about people finding out that they hold repugnant views...