The Weekly Roundup: why so many neo-Nazis?

Monday 23 January

Prof warns pro-Israel people will ‘infest’ Trump admin

Oh, the horror. Have to keep the Jews out, huh?

BC tries again after students ignore ‘bias and isms’ panel

No wonder colleges are trying to do away with Christmas; it interferes with their social justice activism.

Prof: ‘safe space’ for students creates ‘unsafe space for faculty’

Is he trying to tell us that life involves trade-offs?

Yale frat lets women rush, but will not offer bids

How is that not worse?

VIDEO: Trump supporter hijacks ‘People’s Inauguration’ at UConn

And there was nothing they could do stop him, since he followed their rules to the “T” (or, if you prefer, to the “MAGA”).

Northwestern doles out dollars for ‘diversity initiatives’

That must be why tuition is so expensive.

Tuesday 24 January

College course explore politics of ‘black genius’ Kanye West

That monikers still seems as though it must be offensive to geniuses.

We’re confused; wasn’t Kanye excommunicated by both blacks and geniuses after meeting with Trump?

Rutgers prez enlists students to lobby for immigration reform

Because if there’s one thing that should be happening, it’s a public university using tax dollars to lobby the federal government on non-educational policy.

Students learn that 'sex is like pizza' at EIU workshop

Best of Twitter: “Once the dough is in the oven, there’s no going back.” [courtesy of @MartinOBL]

PCC responds to Trump with workshops on ‘GayBC’s,’ immigration

“Gay-B-C/it’s easy as 1-2-3…”

Kansas flyer: safe space opponents ‘at risk’ of neo-Nazism

If persuasion really is an art, then these kids are still scribbling outside the lines.

UC-Irvine profs cancel classes so students can protest Trump

As far as exposure to liberal bias is concerned, this was probably a push.

Cornell hosts ‘People’s School’ for an ‘anti-capitalist’ future

Subtitle: “How to be poor, and like it.”

Alternate subtitle: “People’s School for people who can’t earn good money and who want to learn to not do other stuff good too.”

Wednesday 25 January

‘KKK group’ turns out to be dust cover in BGSU lab

Jumping at shadows...or lab equipment.

CNU admin promotes anti-Trump teach-in with faculty listserv

We get it, already! Academics don’t like Trump.

Students allege KU behind flyers calling MAGA ‘neo-nazi’ code

But KU insists that the flyers bore no markings indicating who had posted them.

Yeah, that’s pretty much why we asked...

Columbia College students demand LGBTQ, POC resource centers

What an insulting premise...

UTK employees use school resources to lobby against Trump

See? Hysteria does impact judgment.

GW fellow/former terrorist arrested for solicitation, drugs

Wow, that is NOT what we expected to see him arrested for.

Nobody won the office pool!

Thursday 26 January

Students ‘who value social justice’ offered privilege retreat an insane asylum.

UCCS student gov prods peers to sign ‘inclusive campus’ pledge

Meh, it might actually be worth it for one of those stylish smiley-face buttons.

Lawsuit: Queens treats pro-lifers like ‘second-class citizens’

It’s actually quite ingenious. Give students primary responsibility for rejecting Students for Life, and then blame them when it hits the fan.

Notre Dame Faculty Senate demands ‘sanctuary campus’

Is anybody else picturing Quasimodo ringing the bells of Notre Dame and screaming, “Sanctuary! Sanctuary!”?

University fights racism with racially exclusive program

Well, that’s one way to go about it...

Friday 27 January

Student gov prez’s taunt Trump while begging him to save DACA

Pro tip: When asking someone for a favor, it generally helps to avoid insulting them.

Prof: Trump voters see people of color as problem with US

On the plus side, as long as liberals keep making those sorts of assumptions about conservatives, they’ll never be in a position to argue effectively against them.

Sunday 29 January

VIDEO: Students say border wall is racist

They can say that until they’re blue in the fact (though to be far, some of them started that way), but it doesn’t make it so.