'What color is your suit?': Secretary of Education dodges questions at committee hearing

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona defended the Department of Education’s requests for further funding at the latest Education & Workforce Committee hearing.

Chairwoman Virginia Foxx told Campus Reform that there’s a ‘fundamental detachment from reality’ at the Department that starts with the Secretary.

At the latest hearing by the Committee on Education & the Workforce, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona testified on behalf of the Department of Education but could not answer questions relating to sexual harassment and other issues at universities. 

In a short conversation between Cardona and Indiana representative Erin Houchin, Cardona was asked if forcing women to undress in front of biological males constitutes sexual harassment. 

Cardona answered Rep. Houchin’s question by stating that forcing women to undress in front of biological males is a concern. However, when asked the same question regarding transgender Olympic swimmer Lia Thomas, Cardona contradicted himself, saying “it’s not a yes or no question for me.” 

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In response to Cardona’s answer, Rep. Houchin told Campus Reform “Secretary Cardona said it himself, it is sexual harassment to force young women to undress in front of biological malesHe had trouble answering because he knows what he said first is correct, but he and the Biden administration are beholden to the woke left.”  

“His inability to fully admit that in committee is proof the Department of Education cares more about their radical agenda than protecting our women and girls,” she concluded. 

Chairwoman of the Committee Dr. Virginia Foxx also commented on the Secretary’s responses, expressing her disappointment with Cardona’s answers. 

There are only two genders—male and female. The fact that Secretary Cardona was unwilling to acknowledge this during Congresswoman Houchin’s line of questioning speaks to the radical agenda pushed by the Department,” Dr. Foxx told Campus Reform

Dr. Foxx’s statement also referenced a recent poll by The Washington Post which she says reveals that “60 percent of Americans believe that—at all levels—men should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports.”

“However, the Department’s proposed rule contradicts this sentiment. The Biden administration is far outside of the mainstream of American thought,” she said. 

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Michigan Congresswoman Lisa McClain also asked in the hearing if the DOEd has been processing and responding to the many FOIA requests it has received from private organizations. Cardona’s response was “We take FOIA requests very seriously and we have been responding.” 

However, when pressured by McClain if this constitutes a “yes” to her question, Cardona only repeated his previous statement—leading McClain to ask “What color is your suit?” Cardona answered, “I’d be happy to focus on the budget.” 

Rep. McClain laughed, noting that the Secrarty would not appropriately respond to questions. 

Campus Reform contacted all relevant parties for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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