'What is left to investigate?' Cabot Phillips & Glenn Beck discuss GOP lawmakers' probe of Chinese influence

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips responded to GOP lawmakers announcing a probe of Chinese influence on American college campuses.

During an interview with TheBlaze TV host Glenn Beck, Phillips said, "What is left to investigate?"

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Cabot Phillips is sounding the alarm on what Republican lawmakers are calling China’s “infiltration” of American college campuses. 

On TheBlaze TV with host Glenn Beck, Phillips pointed to the recently announced probe by GOP lawmakers of “Chinese efforts to infiltrate U.S. colleges.” But, Phillips told Beck, lawmakers already have all the information they need. 

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”What is left to investigate? We have the evidence, “Phillips said, pointing to the number of U.S. college professors who have been indicted in recent months for not disclosing their ties to China, as well as the presence of dozens of Confucius Institutes on campuses across the country, which U.S. intelligence officials have called national security threats and the former Chinese propaganda minister openly admitted are being used as ”propaganda” centers. 

”People are being indicted. We know what’s going on.  Why are we only investigating? It’s time to shut these Confucius Institutes down and keep a closer eye on what our professors are doing because the Chinese are very open about what they’re trying to do,” Phillips said. 

”It’s a borderline Cold War going on right now,” he added. 

”We all know that if there’s ever been a time that the Chinese want to try to leapfrog us on the global stage it’s right now. They want to be able to prove to the world that they have the medical capabilities, that they’re going to be the ones to come up with a cure for coronavirus, they’re going to be the ones that are leading the way in the world on the global stage, so they are doing everything in their power to utilize American research, American intellectual property, to steal it, and essentially buy off professors ...” Phillips continued. 

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