'Whiteness 101': These instructors get paid to attend woke workshops

Faculty at Bellevue College receive up to $500 in stipends for completing training workshops on race, inclusivity, and climate change.

The college's professional development program organizes the trainings.

Faculty at Bellevue College will receive stipends this semester for fulfilling trainings on topics ranging from anti-Black racism to Whiteness. 

The Washington state college is offering $100 to faculty that complete “Whiteness 101: Defining White Culture.” 

”This workshop is meant as an introduction or step in the lifelong journey of dismantling white supremacy in ourselves and our institutions,” the description reads. 

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These workshops fall under the auspices of Bellevue’s Faculty Commons professional development program. 

For $250, faculty can finish “Preparing for an Inclusive Hybrid Course,” a diversity, equity, and inclusion training that focuses on hybrid in-class and online instruction. 

Bellevue will also offer a course which will teach, “equitable college instruction” to novice teachers. This course will provide guidance on how to intertwine, “equity, cultural responsiveness, and growth mindsets” in the classroom. 

For this training, faculty will receive a $500 stipend for “completing all required work and attending a minimum of 3 of the synchronous sessions.”

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Another $500 stipend is available for instructors that participate in the “Climate Justice Faculty Learning Community,” a workshop dedicated to “involv[ing] students in civic engagement around” environmental issues. 

Bellevue’s Faculty Commons program put on workshops this summer. These training included “Anti-Racist Teaching and Assessment” and “Addressing (Micro)aggressions in our Classrooms.” 

Campus Reform reached out to Bellevue College for comment, but they have not responded yet.