Will Witt responds to students' accusations that he is a 'fascist'

Student podcasters at the University of Missouri - Kansas City used fascist, KKK, and Nazi comparisons to react to Will Witt's October speaking engagement at the school.

Witt characterized the host's arguments as 'ridiculous assertions' in an interview with Campus Reform.

The Roo Report, a student-run podcast at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, released two episodes this fall after PragerU personality Will Witt spoke at the school on Oct. 6. During the episodes, the podcast hosts compared Witt to a Nazi and his event to a “KKK rally.” 

During the Oct. 19 episode “Who Is Raising These Kids....Turning Point USA and PragerU HAHAHA!” one of the hosts said that Will Witt identifying as a born-again Christian is a “code word for Nazi.”  

Tom White, one of the hosts of The Roo Report, told Campus Reform that the podcast hosts went to the event and that he did not like Witt’s message.

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”I asked him about his hypocrisy given that I only had time for one question,” White said. 

Witt told Campus Reform that “the students who were at the event had every opportunity to come to the Q&A and ask me questions about my beliefs, my Christianity, and my conservatism.”

”If they can claim that I am evil without substantiating that claim, that is evidence of how radical their ideology is,” Witt continued. “They did not take that opportunity. They feel comfortable with making ridiculous assertions about me with no evidence to prove it.”

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During the Oct. 19 episode, “You Can’t Negotiate with Fascists,” the hosts discussed Witt’s speaking engagement, at one time referring to it as a “real life collegiate KKK rally” and characterizing Witt’s appearance as fascism “that just came to UMKC.” 

Sean McCullagh, president of the school’s TPUSA chapter, which hosted Witt, told Campus Reform that ”people shouldn’t be called a Nazi, a fascist, or a Klansman for talking about the things he [Will Witt] did.”

Roo News Editor-in-Chief Caleb Wilson told Campus Reform that “the podcast, while published by our outlet, is merely an opinion piece that reflects only the values of its hosts.”