William & Mary's Jefferson statue plastered in sticky notes

The sticky notes label Jefferson "pedophile," "rapist," and "racist."

A similar statue at the University of Missouri was also covered in sticky notes last month.

Sticky notes labeled “pedophile,” “rapist,” and “racist” covered a statue of Thomas Jefferson at the College of William & Mary on Monday.

It is unclear which student or group placed the notes, but it appears to be a reference to the Concerned Student 1950 protests at the University of Missouri. In October, similar sticky notes were placed on a statue of Jefferson at the University of Missouri campus. That action was later met with a counter-protest supporting the statue’s presence on campus.

Thomas Jefferson received his undergraduate education at William & Mary, as did presidents John Tyler and James Monroe. The school has been called the “Alma Mater of a Nation.”

Maxwell Little, who says he is an original member of the Concerned Student 1950 movement at University of Missouri, also posted a picture of the notes on William & Mary’s Jefferson statue on Twitter.

Little created a petition months ago to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson from the University of Missouri’s campus.

“The need to project a progressive environment is just as important as food and shelter to survive… Some individuals may not see Thomas Jefferson’s statue in the quad as a form of oppression, but in higher education settings where highly conscious students are present, it is relatively easy to see and read such nonverbal messages,” the petition states.

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