Women’s Week at Indiana school features events on ‘Transgender Identities,’ 'Lavender Bingo'

Ball State University’s Women’s Week featured several LGBT-related events, including an ‘Introduction to Transgender Identities and Issues’ and a ‘Lavender Bingo.’

The school invited participants to ‘Play Bingo, learn about LGBTQ+ sex education, and win prizes!’

Ball State University, located in Muncie, Indiana, wrapped up its annual Women’s Week, which lasted from March 25-29 and featured several events related to LGBT issues, according to the university website. 

As seen from the school website, the Department of Women’s, Gender, and African American Studies hosted the week-long celebration that featured events such as “Introduction to Transgender Identities and Issues” and a “Lavender Bingo,” according to the event page.  

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The Introduction to Transgender Identities event had participants “learn about the neurological and biological aspects of trans people that may be the basis of transgender identity, the way trans people are often discriminated against in our culture, and the laws and policies that target trans people,” the event page stated. 

The Lavender Bingo event invited participants to “Play Bingo, learn about LGBTQ+ sex education, and win prizes!” the event page said. 

This March, Ball State University held its annual Bingo event titled “Bingo After Dark” that featured sexually explicit games and prizes, wrote the Ball State Daily.

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In February, Ball State University also hosted an ‘Inclusive Sex Ed Bingo’ event that was advertised on Instagram with the message: “Spice up sex ed with a bingo twist! Win intimate prizes and knowledge in every square!” This event was organized by Spectrum, “Ball State University’s organization for gender, sexual and romantic minorities (LGBTQ+) and their allies.” Spectrum also plans to host a ‘Black Rose Drag Show’ on April 5, as seen on Instagram

Campus Reform has reached out to Ball State University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.