Worden: cops would only step-in for 'life-threatening' event

Campus Correspondent Troy Worden appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss the ongoing battle waged by Leftists at UC Berkeley to shut down Free Speech on Campus.

Worden, the president of the College Republicans at UC Berkeley, detailed the events this week which led to conservative speaker Ann Coulter cancelling her planned speech at the school.

Highlighting the unwillingness of the university to protect College Republican members, Worden claimed that “[t]he university told us the police would not intervene unless there was a life threatening situation”

“That’s in effect silencing our right to free speech and it’s making our events dangerous. We can’t move forward with them if we can’t guarantee the safety of our attendees and the speaker,” he later added.

Worden noted that the purpose of the event was “to make people understand where Trump supporters are coming from in terms of immigration.”

“Now students have been deprived of their intellectual right which is to hear a different point of view.”

Watch the full interview below: