Wyoming Freedom Caucus backs conservatives running for student govt race: EXCLUSIVE

The Wyoming Freedom Caucus has endorsed conservative students for the president and vice president positions at the University of Wyoming's student government.

Individual members of the caucus have also expressed their support for the candidates, citing the students’ alignment with Wyoming values and conservative principles.

EXCLUSIVE: The Wyoming Freedom Caucus recently endorsed two conservative students running for student government roles at the University of Wyoming.

The students, juniors Gabe Saint and JW Rzeszut, are running for the president and vice president positions, respectively, in the university’s student government, the Associated Students of the University of Wyoming (ASUW). The ASUW elections run during the week of April 11.

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On Mar. 22, the Wyoming Freedom Caucus, which champions traditional conservative values like smaller government and family values, endorsed Saint and Rzeszut’s campaign as “conservative champions” who will “ fight for our values on campus every day, representing the spirit of Wyoming.”

The group also noted that American schools have become a “breeding ground for radical leftwing activism,” especially in the forms of “[b]astions of elitism and woke ideology.”

Gabe Saint (L) and JW Rzeszut (R). Provided to Campus Reform

“It’s past time for all levels of leadership at the University of Wyoming to better reflect the people and values of Wyoming,” the caucus stated. “Now more than ever, UW needs to embrace diversity of thought, fiscal responsibility, moral clarity, and the pursuit of truth.”

Several individual members of the Freedom Caucus also endorsed Saint and Rzeszut for the roles of student government president and vice president.

Wyoming State Representative Tomi Strock—who is the representative for Saint’s home area of House District 6— pledged her support to the Saint/Rzeszut ticket, stating that the young conservatives would continue to uphold “Wyoming values.”

“I am proud to extend my support to a fellow Converse County conservative,” Strock declared. “Gabe will lead UW student government with Wyoming values, which is desperately needed at every level of UW leadership today.”

The chairman of the Wyoming Freedom Caucus, State Representative John Bear, also expressed his admiration and support for Saint and Rzeszut.

“Our country will not survive as a republic without virtue and self control. Young people who are not looking to the government to solve every societal problem are getting harder to find. Gabe and JW stand out as conservatives that our founding fathers would be proud of,” Bear said in a statement. “They understand the proper role of government and give me great hope in our future.”

Saint and Rzeszut both have a reputation for being conservative leaders at the University of Wyoming. Saint is the president of the university’s chapter of Turning Point USA and Rzeszut is the president of Young Americans for Liberty, which are both right-wing student groups.

According to a statement provided to Campus Reform, their campaign platform consists of several traditionally conservative positions, including “ending elitism,” “fiscal responsibility,” “community engagement,” and “diversity of thought.”

Saint and Rzeszut said in a statement to Campus Reform they are thankful for the endorsement.

”Wyoming is a unique place, and we think it is very special that our state representatives stay informed about our beloved university. The University of Wyoming is Wyoming’s only four-year university, so it’s important that it is held to a standard of excellence. As ASUW President and Vice President, we will make sure to make all of Wyoming and the student body proud of UW,” they said.

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As Campus Reform previously reported, the Wyoming Senate voted to defund the Gender Studies program and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at the University of Wyoming on Feb. 21.

State Senator Charles Scott supported the proposal to eliminate the university’s DEI program, stating that it created uniformity of thinking, and was thus harming the function of the university.

“This kind of program was the principal agent of introducing that rot, introducing a faculty that is without diversity of opinion, that is a monolith of wokeness,” Scott said. “We’re seeing this rot affect the University of Wyoming.”

Campus Reform has contacted the University of Wyoming for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.