YAF launches ‘#SavingSCOTUS’ to educate students on dangers of court packing

Young America’s Foundation is working to warn students about the dangers of court packing.

The new initiative comes after President Biden announced the possibility of expanding the Supreme Court.

After President Biden floated reconsidering the structure of the Supreme Court, Young America’s Foundation unveiled an initiative to warn students about the dangers of court packing.

As YAF spokeswoman Kara Zupkus explained to Campus Reform, the “#SavingSCOTUS” initiative will “ensure young people are educated on the dangers of court-packing.”

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“This will be a long-term initiative — not something that’s finished in one month,” explained Zupkus. “Now that Biden has opened the door to the possibility of packing the court, the Left will simply never put it to rest. As we can already see, the mainstream media is providing a distorted narrative to help advance this radical agenda — and YAF is here to push back.”

YAF plans to use its “wide network of speakers and resources to connect with students on this pertinent topic — whether it’s through social media, in-person campus lectures & conferences, or reading materials.” YAF will “show why court-packing failed in the past, and why young Americans should be wary of it today.”

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As the first part of the #SavingSCOTUS campaign, YAF published two op-eds from retired historian Burt Folsom, who told readers that separation of powers in the federal government exists because “the Founders knew that in country after country, liberty had always degenerated into tyranny over time.” 

Accordingly, Folsom wrote that the Founders established “the independent organization of the Supreme Court” to be insulated from outside pressures.

Campus Reform previously reported that the Biden administration’s “Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States” is heavily staffed by law professors with constitutional revisionist leanings.

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Many are open to enacting term limits on Supreme Court Justices. Others believe that President Trump’s appointment of three constitutional originalists during his presidency represented “court packing.”

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