Yale duo: Pro-life Americans who support strict immigration enforcement want 'white, Christian' country

A pair of legal scholars at Yale University suggested that Americans who are both pro-life and support strict immigration enforcement want a "white, Christian America."

The duo compared this belief to something they said is "rooted in right-wing conspiracy."

According to legal scholars at Yale University, Americans who are simultaneously pro-life and support strict border immigration enforcement want a “white, Christian America.” 

Reva Siegel and Duncan Hosie, a Yale constitutional law professor and law student respectively, suggested in a recent piece for Time that Trump supporters who support a pro-life agenda and a border wall do so to preserve a “white, Christian America.” Siegel and Hosie parallel current U.S. policies to Hungary’s “procreation, not immigration” policy, a belief they say is rooted in a right-wing conspiracy called “replacement theory.” 

“This doctrine holds that white women are not producing enough babies and Christian, western civilizations will be ‘replaced’ through the twin forces of falling birth rates and increasing immigration,” wrote Siegel and Hosie in their Time op-ed. “As President, Trump has ominously tweeted that ‘we don’t want what is happening with immigration in Europe to happen with us!’ and denounced an ostensible immigrant ‘invasion’ of America.” 

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In their article, Siegel and Hosie lambast evangelical leaders for their participation in a “Make Families Great Again” conference, a conglomeration of social conservatives who supported the idea of a traditional nuclear family. They argue that the event was an American iteration of replacement theory, a policy which deliberately discourages immigrants from having children while encouraging white women to become mothers. 

“Speakers at the event exhorted women to have more babies. Prominent conference attendees included Valerie Huber, a U.S. Health and Human Services official and prominent advocate of abstinence-only education,” they wrote. 

Siegel and Hosie additionally blasted the Trump administration for awarding more than $5 million to Obria, a pro-life organization which they categorize as “an organization that subsidizes crisis pregnancy centers, refuses to provide or refer for abortion or contraception and aims to be the pro-life ‘led by God’ alternative to Planned Parenthood.”

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Hosie is a second year law student at Yale while Siegel is a professor of Law at Yale Law School. According to her biography, “Professor Siegel’s writing draws on legal history to explore questions of law and inequality and to analyze how courts interact with representative government and popular movements in interpreting the Constitution.” 

She has taught a variety of courses, including “Law and Social Movements,” “Antidiscrimination Law,” and “Constitutional Law.” 

Campus Reform reached out to Siegel for further comment on her article but did not receive a response in time for publication. 

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