‘You absolutely can’ identify as a cat: Soda-wielding Alabama student goes on insane rant about transgenderism: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

A conservative University of Alabama student was drawn into a confrontation after a pro-trans student erased her chalk sign advertising a Riley Gaines event.

‘I’m going to go and uncover and f***ing destroy every piece of transphobic piece of garbage you put on the f***ing ground,’ the student said.

A pro-trans student recently defaced a display made by conservative students on the University of Alabama Campus. After pouring a ‘Dr. Pibb’ on the group’s event advertisement, the student engaged in debate, claiming that it is ‘absolutely’ possible to ‘identify as a cat.’

Kieghan Nangle, President of Young Women for America (YWA) at the University of Alabama and Campus Reform correspondent, and a colleague wrote a chalk sign at the University campus on Feb. 13 advertising an event involving Riley Gaines, an action which seemingly angered a pro-trans student who intentionally spilled a drink over the sign. 

The event in question, hosted on Feb. 15, featured Riley Gaines, a former college swimmer and prominent advocate for defending women’s sports. Gaines previously said that she was assaulted while speaking at an event in 2023, at which she related how she was forced to compete against biological male Lia Thomas, wrote the New York Post.

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Gaines was scheduled to speak about “her experience swimming at the University of Kentucky and her role now advocating for women’s sports,” according to the event page. “Join us to hear from the pioneer of saving women’s sports and making women women again!” the description said. 

After the pro-trans student defaced the YWA sign for the event, Nangle and her colleague engaged the student in conversation and asked him to stop. 

At one point during the interaction, which can be seen in a video obtained exclusively by Campus Reform, Nangle asked the student: “So, can I identify as a cat?”

The student replied: “Yes. You can. You absolutely can. Because that’s not a f***ing gender,” and added that using the term “real women” is “f***ing transphobic.” 

“Don’t put transphobic s*** on the f***ing ground if you don’t want it torn up,” the student continued. “I’m going to go and uncover and f***ing destroy every piece of transphobic piece of garbage you put on the f***ing ground,” the student added. “Keep doing what you’re doing, and I’m going to keep scrubbing it out.”

“Transwomen are more likely to be attacked and are more likely to be hurt than f***ing cisgender women who are claiming that they are. You guys are dumb. Stop putting s*** on the f***ing ground,” the student continued. 

Nangle told Campus Reform, “I truly believe I tried to handle and diffuse the situation with as much grace and poise as I could while still standing for what I believe in.”

“I’ve had my fair share of death and safety threats come my way as a Gen Z conservative, but for something like this to happen on my own college campus, especially one that isn’t an Ivy League where we expect to see this behavior, it makes me more deeply concerned for the future of our country because our generation is the future,” Nangle continued.

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She added: “The university’s response to [the situation] is what I would say is most disappointing though because after the incident I was told that I would be escorted in and out of the Riley Gaines event I was hosting, and that just simply didn’t happen.”

Nangle said she is still in discussions with the University regarding the incident and said that the University’s Assistant Dean of Students and Title IX office both reached out to her. 

In a statement obtained by Campus Reform, a University official wrote: “As a public institution, UA promotes free speech and facilitates numerous opportunities for civil discourse and the exchange of ideas. This includes welcoming and supporting student organizations’ events and invitations to a wide variety of guest speakers, some of which may include opinions or ideas that generate disagreement and discussion. Requests are not evaluated based on content, ideology or political affiliation.”