U. Florida prof in NYT: ICE is ‘American nightmare’ aimed at ‘institutionalizing racism’

A University of Florida professor claimed that ICE is President Donald Trump’s tool to “make America whiter again” in a Friday New York Times op-ed.

Darlena Cunha, an adjunct professor at the University of Florida and freelance journalist, made the remarks while outlining the case of Tracy Neutzi, a Trump voter and Florida resident who had an invalid birth certificate and was unable to obtain a passport, in a piece for The New York Times.

“ICE is not, of course, just a run-of-the-mill government bureaucracy doing necessary work to keep our borders intact,” Cunha argued. “Under President Trump, a wildly invigorated ICE has become an American nightmare, nothing less than the main thrust of an attempt to institutionalize racism against a scapegoated minority — undocumented, nonvoting, mostly voiceless brown people.”

Furthermore, the professor contended that “ICE is Trump’s main instrument for the dirty work of trying to make America whiter again, without regard for family values, due process, human rights, or even plain human decency.”

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She described cases in which ICE detained or sought further proof of citizenship from individuals who were, indeed, citizens. She claims the current cases were resolved without deportation, but warns “the people caught up in ICE’s looming roundups won’t have the three months Ms. Nuetzi had.”

The professor explained that the ICE raids are “meant to happen quickly” and that agents will be using dated files. 

“These raids are meant to target those with children, increasing the risk of separating families, as well,” Cunha said. “The raids won’t leave room for the meticulous detail work required for the burden of proof.” 

“Deporting people is deplorable in and of itself; deporting people without proof that they are here illegally is obscene.”

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She tells NYT readers that “ICE cannot be allowed to function as it is, and it certainly should not be given more power. People will be ousted from the country with no recourse and no due process. And ICE is often wrong.”

“It is disappointing to see a professor from the University of Florida helping The New York Times with such contributions,” UF College Republicans Chair Jared Rossi told Campus Reform. “This article is typical of the left. It mainly uses baseless attacks on the President and anecdotal evidence to appeal to people’s emotions instead of logic.” 

Campus Reform reached out to both Cuhna and Nuetzi but received no response in time for publication.

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