Prof: Trump ‘mentally impaired,’ experiencing ‘early onset dementia' as 'obese male’

Talmadge elaborated to Campus Reform, opining that Trump had a problem stemming from "early onset dementia in an elderly, out of shape, obese male."

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center psychiatry professor John Talmadge said President Donald Trump “is mentally impaired,” “cannot think normally,” and “is dangerous.”

A Texas psychiatry professor claimed that President Donald Trump “is mentally impaired,” “cannot think normally,” and “is dangerous.”

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center professor John Talmadge made the assertion on Twitter, elaborating that “when he is removed from office he literally will not understand what happened. He will have to make up a story, tell lies, and rant about Hillary’s DNC server.”

“Trump has no policy on any issue because his mental impairment means he cannot think strategically or in abstract terms,” the professor continued. “He cannot weigh options, assess risk, or foresee consequences. Concepts like fairness, justice, honor and integrity quite literally do not register.”

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Campus Reform asked Talmadge how he can assess Trump or anybody’s mental state without a face-to-face evaluation. 

The professor replied, stating that a good doctor makes a diagnosis after a one or two-hour interview, but noting that “seeing hundreds of hours of video over a span of 20 years, as you can imagine, provides a lot more information and data in most cases.” 

“I am not a political person,” Talmadge told Campus Reform, proceeding to say that “President Trump is seriously impaired and as increasing numbers of mental health professionals are saying, he is unfit to occupy the office.” 

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“Beyond being a sick man, he has also clearly violated the law, obstructed justice, and made his bed with dictators, tyrants, and our sworn enemies.”

When a Twitter user asked the professor if Trump has “always been like this or is he deteriorating?” Talmadge responded by saying the president has undergone “significant deterioration over the last 2-3 years.”

Campus Reform asked the professor what is causing Trump’s alleged deterioration, to which Talmadge responded, “it’s a brain disease, some form of cognitive impairment. I think it’s early onset dementia in an elderly, out of shape, obese male; but others think he is taking medication improperly. There are various theories. What is clear to all is that he doesn’t think straight.”

The professor told Campus Reform that he is a right-leaning independent who admires former Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain.

However, according to publicly available Federal Election Commission data, Talmadge has donated more than $900 in the last two years to ACT Blue, which funnels money to Democrat candidates and causes. 

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The UT Southwestern Medical Center did not respond to multiple requests for comment in time for publication.

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