VIDEO: Leftists taunt conservative students

Two conservative students were shut by a crowd of leftist protesters while they attempted to recruit for their Turning Point USA chapter at Binghamton University in New York. The situation became so tense that police arrived on the scene, as video obtained by Campus Reform shows.

Lacey Kestecher, president of Binghamton University’s Turning Point USA chapter, was joined Wednesday by classmate John Lizak and Taylor Cisinski, a TPUSA regional manager, to recruit for their conservative group. The students also sought to advertise an upcoming College Republicans event featuring the prestigious economist Dr. Aurthur Laffer. 

However, the students’ efforts were quickly met with resistance as liberal student protesters formed around their table display. 


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The protest quickly grew “from 5 [to], 10 [to] 20 then out of nowhere, everybody was there,” Kestecher told Campus Reform. As she faced a chanting crowd, Kestecher took out her phone and began to record. The video she captured shows students shouting and dismantling the conservative group’s display.

“This was the craziest thing I’ve ever been through in all [my] time [working for TPUSA]... it was insane, the most crazy experience I’ve ever dealt with,” Cisinski told Campus Reform.

After police arrived, students can be heard chanting “no justice, no peace, no racist police.” When a bystander asked what the police were doing to be considered racist, he was told to “shut the fuck up” as another student screamed “you’re white” as an explanation. 

Kestecher’s video also captured a student yelling “suck my dick” at her while others scream derogatory insults. 

”Why are you shaking, you’re a fucking pussy,” one student said. 

“The police said to me yesterday when I was leaving, ‘if you’re going to walk around, don’t go through the middle of campus… [and] have somebody with you at all times,’” Kestecher told Campus Reform. She also reports that since Wednesday’s incident she “definitely [has] a new view on campus.”

“I thought I knew liberalism but then I came here,” she said. 

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“I don’t feel safe at all,” she said. “If I’m gonna walk, I have to have a guy with me… if I need to go out I need to text somebody to be with me at all times. Even walking certain floors on the building I’m being careful because some of the people who are just insane and unhinged live on the lower levels and I don’t know what to expect from them. I do not feel safe at all on this campus right now,” she continued, later adding that she’s “willing to press charges.”

However, despite her experience, Kestecher, who is only in her first semester of college, says she’s willing to stay involved in politics: “The more that they push back on me the more I’m going to keep pushing forward.”

Kestecher and her fellow Binghamton conservatives have received some support in the form of a letter, obtained by Campus Reform, written to the school’s president by New York Assemblyman Douglas Smith, a ranking member of the State Assembly’s Committee On Higher Education. 

Smith’s letter urges the Binghamton to take action to ensure that “students are able to exercise their First Amendment rights on campus without fear of physical violence in the future.”

Campus Reform reached out to Binghamton but did not receive a response in time for publication. 

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