Assault at Berkeley: Where things stand one year later

The man charged with assaulting a conservative at the University of California-Berkeley faces multiple felony counts.

But, one year later, the trial hasn't even technically begun.

Wednesday marks exactly one year since conservative activist Hayden Williams suffered a violent blow to the face while helping a conservative group recruit new members at the University of California-Berkeley. Since then, Zachary Greenberg has been arrested and charged with multiple felonies, but to date, the case is still in the “pre-trial” phase, with the defendant’s next court date set for April 10.

It is unclear how long until the actual trial begins. 

As Campus Reform previously reported, Greenberg has held various positions at multiple California colleges and universities, including UC-Berkeley. And, according to Williams’ attorney Harmeet Dhillon, Greenberg has previously been involved in “almost a dozen lawsuits.” But Greenberg’s most recent legal involvement stems from a February 2019 incident that was captured on video, in which police say Greenberg is seen punching Wiliams in the face. 

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“Mother f*cker. You racist little inbred b*tch. C**t!,” Greenberg shouted in the video. 

At another point, Greenberg threatens to “shoot” Williams. 


According to online court records, Greenberg faces three felony charges: assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, battery with serious bodily injury, and making criminal threats. He also faces one misdemeanor charge of vandalism. Greenberg has pleaded not guilty to each of the charges. If convicted, Greenberg could face years behind bars. Court records indicate Greenberg would be state prison eligible.

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But a verdict could still be months away, as the case is still in the “pre-trial” phase, which consists largely of formalities and discussions between the two parties to help ensure more efficiency once the trial does begin. The pre-trial phase also offers the two parties the opportunity to reach a settlement, if both sides agree. 

After being formally charged in March 2019, Greenberg posted bail and is not currently in custody, according to court records. 

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