Trump supporter: I was 'tackled to the ground' at Bernie Sanders rally at Va. college

The incident allegedly occurred at Virginia Wesleyan University at a Bernie Sanders rally.

New viral video shows a man with a Trump flag being "tackled" to the ground by a security officer.

Virginia Wesleyan University is under fire after video surfaced on social media showing a security officer confronting a man with a Trump flag. 

Markus Gohring posted a video on Facebook Saturday showing what he says is him being "tackled to the ground" by a security guard. Gohring said the incident happened as Sen. Bernie Sanders, the leading Democratic presidential contender, held a rally on campus the same night. 

"Today at a Bernie Sanders rally I was attacked by a security guard and tackled to the ground. I would have expected this from a Bernie supporter but not from a guard. I was walking off ground and walking for that guy too slow. This is how your first amendment rights are violated at todays [sic] universities. After I step out of the video I run because the officer pulls his club," Gohring described in the Facebook post.

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